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Resources For Faculty

  1. 35 Suggestions  Some "homegrown" suggestions from the Beloit College Writing Program Director about topics like reading and writing, assignment design, teaching how to write with sources, and responding to student writing.
  2. WAC No, not the World Affairs Center; in composition circles, this refers to Writing Across the Curriculum. Here is an overview from a key site in the field.  What is writing to learn?  What makes a good assignment?  How should you respond to student writing?  A helpful introduction to thinking about possibilities and strategies for writing in any course. 
  3. Writing-to-learn Twenty examples of informal exercises for using writing to facilitate your learning objectives (Colorado State)

About Plagiarism

Any discussion about plagiarism should happen in a broader context of writing with sources—why and how we do it.  We probably tend to focus too much on definitions and consequences and not enough on teaching conventions, strategies, and resources.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Take a look at the site for students about writing with sources.  We have provided a very short and informal discussion about using sources generally. We've also provided more extensive links on the rationale for and logistics of using sources effectively and correctly. Formulate your own approach to teaching this material and directing them to helpful materials—don't expect them to learn this somewhere else. You will also find related ideas on this in the "writing with sources" section of 35 suggestions above.
  2. Design assignments and activities that tend to make plagiarism difficult.  This essentially involves designing focused and contextualized assignments (vs. large "open" topics) and your being involved in their writing process along the way.
  3. Check out the following links:
    • WPA Best Practices   From the Counsel of Writing Program Administrators, a good source for defining and avoiding plagiarism with a focus on best practices for effective teaching.
    • Plagiarism Exercise  a good exercise on plagiarism that walks students through key issues, strategies, and exercises (from Purdue's online writing lab)