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Application for Exhibition

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Application to Exhibit

All questions are required unless otherwise noted. A PDF version of this form is available in the "resources" section and may be turned in through the mail center addressed to Hales Gallery c/o Wright Museum of Art. Any questions regarding this form should be directed to the current managers: Natalie Ross & Claire Aichholzer:
Personal Information
Class Year:*
Phone Number:*
Major(s) and Minor(s) (Undecided is fine):*
Club Affiliation (If Applicable):
Faculty Advisor (If Applicable):
Exhibit Information
Exhibition Proposal- Explain your show, focusing on what you will do and how you will do it.:*
Why are you interested in mounting this exhibition?*
What do you hope viewers will get out of your exhibition?*
What dates are you interested in reserving the Gallery? Please explain your rationale for this time frame and note dates you would like to install and de-install the exhibition. (Weekends are available with advance notice.):*
How did you hear about Hales Gallery?*
Exhibitors are responsible for all installation and de-installation of shows. The Hales Gallery curator will be available to consult with exhibitors to discuss the exhibition, both conceptually and practically, and will facilitate the use of the space. The curator will consult with exhibitors about hanging, lighting, etc., but will not perform these tasks.:*
If you would like to meet with the gallery manager, please specify your availablity here.: