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Detail of Zhang Kechun People Crossing the Yellow River with a Photo of Mao Zedong, HenanHeaven Ren Earth: The Yellow River of China
August 20—November 9, 2019
Hollensteiner Gallery

As part of a LIASE grant, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, Beloit College faculty Joy Beckman, Sue Swanson and Daniel Youd, together with Beloit College students, have curated an exhibition on China’s Yellow River. Through historic and contemporary photos, as well as maps, this exhibition explores how scientific and artistic representations of the Yellow River shape our attempts to understand it.

Detail of Jonas Lie Fishing HarborThe American Palette: Painting Colonies from Old Lyme to Brown County
August 20—November 9, 2019
North Gallery

On view in the North Gallery is a selection of nineteenth and early twentieth-century American landscapes from the Wright Museum’s permanent collection that will be featured in the upcoming publication Wright Museum Collects Series. Artists include William Merritt Chase, Francis J. Murphy, Theodore Robinson, Robert Spencer, Ada and Adolph Shulz, and many more. Currently twenty students are researching this collection of paintings as part of the course Introduction to Curatorial Practice. Their research will serve as the groundwork for volume 2 of the Wright Museum Collects catalog.

Bertha E. Jaques: Making a Strong Impression
August 20—November 9, 2019
Neese Gallery

Bertha Evelyn Jaques played a critical role in the history of American printmaking. She was the inspiration and driving force behind the founding of the Chicago Society of Etchers, which became a model for subsequent printmakers societies. Drawing on the Wright Museum’s print collection, this exhibition highlights Jaques’ devotion to the intaglio process and patronage of emerging printmakers.

Three Chinese children laughing on a bridge.

COMPARE: Images of Childhood
December 3— 21, 2019
Parker Faculty Exhibition, Jingjing Lou, Associate Professor
North Gallery
Opening Reception: December 3, 4:00pm

Compare: Images of Childhood, curated by the “East Meets West” class (Education and Youth Studies; Asian Studies), showcases the change in expectation and reality of childhood, with primary regard to the book “Dear Old Days.” Using the following themes: 1) The Learning Environment; 2) Joy and Expectations of Childhood; 3) Modernity and Tradition, this collection aims to be a window into the educational theories and frameworks underpinning this vast array of childhood life for viewers. Primarily, this exhibition looks at moments captured of children in their daily life inside and outside of the classroom.

Megan Scheffer, A Reductionistic AnachronismMegan Scheffer, A Reductionistic Anachronism

On the Basis of Patterns
November 19—December 21, 2019
Neese Gallery
Opening Reception: November 19, 4:00pm.

On the Basis of Patterns is a solo exhibition of intricate line drawings by Megan Scheffer ’10. The exhibition includes two ongoing projects that visually abstract the clinical and subjective language within the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). A Reductionistic Anachronism V2 is a series of connecting ink drawings on paper that push an obsession that is both mental and physical, into a format that is never-ending. Criteria is a series of sculptural work that mimics Scheffer’s line drawings and the subjectivity of classifying and grouping things that appear similar. Scheffer’s work investigates, questions, and attempts to translate systems and definitions of mental health.

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