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Betsy Benes

The winner of the 55th Annual Beloit and Vicinity Exhibition, Betsy Benes. As the winner, Mrs. Benes received a solo exhibition in the South Gallery.

Artist Statement

Every painting reveals itself as a new point of view of a broader abstract concept. I use an intuitive approach to creating each free formed composition. I am influenced by pattern, repetition, the process of growth, and the connection between all three. My paintings are working visual images of change, a record of what remains after much growth and then necessary reduction. I am particularly interested in how early residue effects the new wrought environment that materializes from a major modification. As I strive to keep a record of those changes, the energetic building of the composition often becomes a source of information for the next painting. I pay careful consideration to the utilization of color, and what its placement will suggest. The use of egg tempera on paper is the main focus of my work at present. The accessible, versatile, and organic quality of this medium has been as a source of inspiration and experimentation since 2006.

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