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Take Care: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century

Take Care: Biomedical Ethics in the Twenty-First Century
Wright Museum of Art, South Gallery. August 12, 2012 to October 11, 2012


The rapid advancement of medical technology has brought with it unprecedented bioethical dilemmas. Particularly in economically advanced countries, technologies are outpacing our ability to fully understand their moral implications. The exhibit TAKE CARE: Biomedical Ethics in the Twenty-first Century considers civilization’s unease with modern family planning, maternal and fetal care, childbirth and child rearing. For the first time in history, there is knowledge available to mothers which forces them to make life or death decisions whether to carry a disfigured, malformed, or unintentional fetus to term, whether to use pharmaceuticals with their associated risks, and whether to risk passing on genetic diseases. In these situations, we are no longer able to rely on long-established religious, societal or medical expertise for guidance, and too often, we only grapple with such problems at the time of crisis. The TAKE CARE show highlights these bioethical dilemmas, with the hope that viewers will take the opportunity to better appreciate the complexity of these personal decisions in a rapidly changing world.

                                                                                         Adrienne Outlaw, Curator