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Another Happy Mambo Day: The Invented Worlds of Della Wells

August 28—November 19, 2017, North Gallery

This exhibition showcases the art of Della Wells, the City of Milwaukee's Artist of the Year award recipient in 2016. Wells is bringing her colorful collages, drawings, dolls, and quilts, which blends her personal experiences with explorations of culture. Wells is a true storyteller, her work addresses issues of race and gender and touches on truths that speak to us all. 

Rooftop: Second Nature

Photographs by Brad Temkin

August 28—November 19, 2017, Hollensteiner Gallery

Rooftops draws poetic attention to an important new movement to counter the heat island effect caused by city life. Green roofs reduce our carbon footprint and improve storm water control, but they do far more. They reflect the conflict of our existence, symbolizing the allure of nature in the face of our continuing urban sprawl.