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The Wright Museum of Art currently publishes one printed newsletter each fall.  Please join our mailing list if you would like to receive a copy.

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2016 Newsletter

  • Exhibit: Rembrandt Etchings: States, Fakes, and Restrikes
  • Ginsberg family Artist-in-Residence: Laura Davis
  • Conservation of Brooklyn by William Merritt Chase
  • Recent Acquisitions

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2015 Newsletter

  • Victor E. Ferrall Artist-in-Residence: Conrad Bakker
  • Conflict and Consequence: Photographing War and Its Aftermath
  • Conservation of Landscape by J. Francis Murphy
  • New Acquisitions 

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2014 Newsletter

  • Ginsberg family Artist-in-Residence: Andrew Sendor
  • Conservation of The Meadows by Alexander Wyant
  • New Acquisitions, including a series of screen prints by Andy Warhol
  • PAN: A Graphi Arts Time Capsule of Europe, 1895 - 1900

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2013 Newsletter

  • No Newsletter this year.

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2012 Newsletter

  • George S. Parker Exhibition: Looking Ahead
  • President Emeritus Victor E. Ferrall, Jr.
    and his wife, Linda Smith, are loaning
    over twenty prints from their collection of
    the artist George Bellows for exhibition.
  • IMLS Grant Brings Two Painting Conservators
    to Campus
  • Picnic on the Allegheny by Henrik Mayer conserved

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2011 Newsletter

  • Recent Gifts: Russian Icons
  • Toulouse-Lautrec's La Revue Blanche
  • Frank Boggs Returns to Campus
  • Notes from the Collection

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2010 Newsletter

  • Recent Gifts: Fernando Botero
  • Rembrandt's Self Portrait with Saskia
  • Volunteering at the Wright
  • Notes from the Collection

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2009 Newsletter

  • Albrecht Durer's St. Jerome in His Study
  • Ferguson Collection of Napoleonic Art
  • Dr. Robert J. Poor and Geraldine Smith Collection
  • Schomer Lichtner and Ruth Grotenrath

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2008 Newsletter

  • Hollensteiner Gallery Renovation
  • David Opdyke: Land of Plenty
  • Andy Warhol gift

Wright Museum of Art Fall 2007 Newsletter

  • Blanket Stories
  • Notions of Identity
  • World in a Windy City
  • Adopt a Sculpture

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