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Who Can I See

It is best to make an appointment for a visit. Walk-ins can sometimes be accomodated as the schedule allows, but appointments are always best.


Nurse visits are FREE

A visit with the nurse can be a great first step in your health education. 

The Nurse can:

  • Assist you in understanding your current illness and discuss self-care methods to minimize the impact on your day to day life.
  • Provide wellness education and tips for preventive care
  • address questions you may have about your health and healthcare


Provider visits will be BILLED through your insurance

The Provider Can:

  • prescribe medications
  • perform exams
  • order tests and labs
  • refer to specialists
  • prescribe birth control

...and more!


Counseling visits are FREE

The counselors can:

  • Listen
  • Help with anxiety, depression, stress
  • Refer to long term mental health providers
  • Refer to prescribing mental health providers

...and more!