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Health and Wellness Center

Welcome to the Beloit College Health and Wellness Center. We are located on the first floor of Porter Hall.

Our mission is to help each student participate successfully in the academic and co-curricular opportunities at Beloit College by achieving maximum physical and emotional health.

The health and wellness center is committed to offering high quality primary care, counseling and health education by trust based, caring, affordable and accessible services. All of our services are available in a nonjudgmental environment and are sensitive to the diversity of our students and campus.

Please stop by the center to talk to a member of our staff regarding our services. All contacts and services at the health center are considered to be confidential.

NEW CHANGES for the new year!  READ ALL ABOUT IT! 

Welcome back Students, Faculty and Staff,

The Health and Wellness Center (HWC) is excited to announce some new offerings. We have diligently worked over the summer to reflect on what you have told us you need.  Please note that we are not finished.  We continue to pursue opportunities to further the health and wellness of all students.

Expansion of Health and Wellness Services

*  Nurse visits will now be available on Thursday evenings until 7pm.  We do not want anyone to go untreated due to inability to find a visit time that works for them.

* Condoms, dental dams, female condoms and lube are now ALL available for FREE in the HWC

* ICE will soon be easily available for ALL students.

*  The HWC is working on providing transportation on a limited basis to assist students with travel to clinic appointments. 

*  The coverage of intramural sports by a prepared student trainer will soon be available

*  Student health 101 is an exciting new interactive digital magazine.  It will engage and educate you with well researched, relevant, student-centric articles updated the 1st of every month.  Students can receive updates via text and email. 

1.       Text “Beloit” to 40691 to start receiving weekly updates including a link to the current issue.

2.       Also click on this link to access the Orientation Issue of the magazine.  This link will be updated the 1st of every month to always connect you to the current issue of Student Health 101, customized for Beloit College.

3.       Access the “Student Advocate” edition at: This edition, geared toward faculty, staff and parents, highlights learning outcomes from the student version and presents other strategies for supporting students. 

*  Watch for group fitness opportunities later in the semester as well as short term physical wellness mini courses

*  We have increased our group of student workers in the health and wellness center. They are energized and eager to bring you health education programming to promote every student’s sense of well-being on campus.  These Health and Wellness Programmers look forward to collaborating with other students, groups and departments to provide a variety of events and services related to health and wellness.  They can be reached at or ext. 2336. 

Expanded Mental Health Services

While the mission of the counseling care center, to provide short term counseling support for students, has not changed; there will be some expansion of our services to better meet the mental health needs of *

*  Students can now take advantage of a lunchtime triage hour on Fridays from 12:30-1:30pm.  This hour will be for quick 15 minute check-ins.  NO appointments will be accepted and visits will only last 15 minutes.  It will be first come, first serve.   The goal is to make an initial contact with students and then assist them in determining appropriate next steps.

*   Students are no longer limited to 6 sessions/semester.  Counseling will now be provided on an as needed basis with the # of visits being determined jointly by the student and counselor. Students with long term, chronic mental health needs will continue to be assisted in obtaining an off campus mental health provider to meet those needs.   

* Every Thursday evening the counseling center will now be open for appointments until 7pm (last appointment at 6pm).  We hope this will give students more access to our counseling services at times that work for them.

*  Please be aware we continue to strive for more diversity of our counseling staff.  We are challenged by the demographics of the profession and our geographic area, however will continue to seek candidates for everyone to feel comfortable and represented.

Thank you for your patience as we implement these changes and look forward to finalizing more soon.  Please call or email with any questions or concerns.

Tara Girard, RN
Director, Health and Wellness Center
(608) 363-2331 

Contact us!
700 College St.
Beloit, WI 53511
Porter Hall First Floor


If you need immediate assistance for a Medical Emergency, please call SECURITY at 608-363-2355