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Weissberg Student Research Grant Winners

Summer 2014 Grant Winners

Apply Now for GrantsMarcail Distante'16*, international relations, Latin American and Caribbean studies minor.  Fair Trade Internship with Global Exchange, San Francisco, CA.

Matej Jungwirth'15*, international relations, comparative literature. Research project on Assessing the Political Status of Azerbaijan's IDP/Refugee Population, Azerbaijan.

Geniene Lettman'16, biochemistry, Spanish minor.  Internship with Mayan Medican Aid, Santa Cruz, Laguna, Guatemala (deferred until winter break)

Namoonga Mantina'15*, health & society, research exploring the political and economic context and the current status of the Zambian health care system, Zambia.  

Stephanie Mayo'15, education & youth studies.  Teaching in an Indian Government School with International Volunteer HQ, New Delhi, India

Jasmine Vasquez'16, psychology, critical identity studies minor. Internship with Journey Mental Health Center, Madison, WI

Osha Waterdu'15, education & youth studies, Spanish minor.  Education for Sustainable Development: community empowerment with Pachaysana in the Amazon Basin, Ecuador

Ousia Whitaker-DeVault'15, Spanish, critical identity studies. Constructing Community, Taking to Streets: a dcumentary film about the Valparaiso Critical Mass Bike Movement, Valparaiso, Chile

*Indicates Weissberg Scholars.

Summer 2013 Grant Winners

Yoon Cho ‘13, international relations, history. Study of Myanmar’s Road to Democratization, Yangon, Myanmar

Dongping Jing ‘15, international relations and economics. Summer internship with US fund for UNICEF, New York, NY

Karen Jones ‘15, health and society. Fellowship with Unite for Sight Global Impact, Accra, Ghana

Matej Jungwirth ‘15, international relations and comparative literature. Internship with Project Hope, Israel

Yixuan Ping‘15, economics, mathematics. Study of Changing Village Ecology and the Reproduction of Labor in China, Hunan, Yunan, Gansu and Henan Provinces, China 

Winter 2012-13 Student Grant Winners

Megan Slavish'14 (health and society) attended the American Public Health Association Conference in San Francisco to advance her understanding of health as a human right.  See her report on the conference here

Kun "Cleo" Zhang'13 (international relations, math) will conduct an internship in New York with Asia Catalyst, which works with grassroots groups from marginalized communities in East and Southeast Asia that promote the right to health. 

Summer 2012 Student Grant Winners

Joanne Cho'14 (international relations) will be carrying out two internships in Mozambique, focusing on housing and women's rights.

Jane Choi'14 (anthropology) will be conducting an internship on integration of migrants and refugees into South African society at Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

Diana Gutierrez'13 (health and society) will be exploring the public health system of the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza.

Samantha Holte'14 (international relations) will be studying rural sustainable development in Jilimbí, Ecuador.

Dongping Jing'15 (international relations) will be conducting a study of the orphaned children protection system in China, based in Tianjin City, as part of a comparative study between orphanages in China and Guatemala.

Emily Verburg'12 (international relations) will be a US delegate on the Global Youth Connect Human Rights Delegation to Rwanda, where she will gather with Rwandan students to explore post-genocide reconciliation.

Winter 2011-12 Student Grant Winners

Joanna Albertson-Grove’13 (political science) studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary in fall 2011 and remained there over winter break to conduct research on the human rights implications of parliamentary elections in Hungary and to make comparisons with the 2010 United States election.

Jennifer Gilbertson’12 (chemistry & French) traveled to Senegal to study pre-natal and maternal health by observing a mid-wife and participating in public health activities in a rural community.

Sofia Noorani’12 (economics & management)  returned to Thailand, where she studied abroad in spring 2011, to work with local organizations to disseminate information about the environmental and health effects of copper mining in the impoverished Isaan region.

Spring 2011 Student Grant Winners

Maggie Brandt’12 (International Relations), “32 Years Later: Contemporary Problems of Democracy in Central America,” Nicaragua and Honduras

Grace Chamberlain’12 (Art History & Anthropology), “Public Art with Youth of Dharavi: Internship with URBZ,” Mumbai, India

Miranda Cole'13 (Anthropology & Education), "English versus Kiswahili in the Tanzania Hip-Hop Music Scene: What is the significance and how does it alter the message?" Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Ted Liu’13 (Economics & Management, and Anthropology), “Immigration Detention, Human Rights, and Public Policy:  An Internship at National Immigrant Justice Center,” Chicago, USA

Jason Mumma’12 (International Relations), “Internship with the Community of Democracies: promoting democracies in South America,” Warsaw, Poland

Matti Powers’12 (Sociology), “Women's Rights and Reproductive Rights Advocacy,” Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center, Lake Andes, North Dakota 

Stephanie Previc’11 (Health & Society), “Cervical Cancer Screening & Treatment in a Border State: Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid and the Single Visit Approach for Hispanic Women,” Tucson, Arizona

Yunuen Rodriguez’12 (Self designed major: Negotiations of Power within Structures of Inequality), “Research Assistantship Studying Global Youth & Child Migration,” Princeton, NJ

Kun Zhang’13 (International Relations & Mathematics), “Internship with Dongjen Center for Education and Action,” Beijing, China

Winter 2010-11 Student Grant Winners

Karla Figueroa'13 - "Challenges Faced by Slum Children when Seeking Enrollment in Government Schools: A Case Study in New Delhi" (India)

Isamu Pant'11 - "Life in Dharavi: Investigating Push and Pull Factors in a Slum in Mumbai" (India)

Summer 2010 Student Grant Winners

Anna Wolf’11 (International Relations, Spanish) – “Service Learning Internship with Seva Mandir” (India).  A two-month internship with an organization supporting the rights of women in the impoverished region of Rajastan, India.

Ahmad Javid'11 (International Relations) -- "Internship with the German Marshall Fund of the United States" (USA).  Continued work on research and strategy supporting democracy in Afghanistan with the GMF. 

Ellery Hamann’12 (Chinese) – “Human Rights in China, Internship” (Hong Kong).  Internship with an organization, Human Rights in China, based in Hong Kong, that supports work on prisoners in China, the Tienaman Square crackdown, and other advocacy issues.

Anna Blankshien’10 (Education & Youth Studies) – “Improving the Teaching of Indigenous Cultures: A Case Study” (New Zealand).  A comparative study of how elementary and high schools include indigenous cultures in the classroom in Wisconsin and New Zealand.

Winter 2009-10 Student Grant Winners

Lily Rubenstein'11 (International Relations) – "Capacity Building: The potential of cross-organizational communication."  Internship with Rencontre Africaine pour la Defence du Droit de l'Homme (RADDHO) in Senegal.

Andrew Schmitt'11 (Russian) – “The Rights of a Formerly Displaced Population.”  Visit and study of Tartar refugees in the Crimea.

Kayla Svoboda'10 (Philosophy, Health & Society) – “Women's Empowerment and HIV/AIDS Outreach.” Study of female reproductive health and development initiatives in Ghana.

Alexander Thiel'11 (International Relations) “The Swedish Way: Approaches to Human Rights.”  Documentary film on Swedish approaches to labor rights.

Oliver Wychoff’12 (Psychology & International Relations) “Human Rights and Development in Rwanda: Global Youth Connect.”  Participation in a youth delegation of US and Rwandan students, focusing on development and justice in the aftermath of genocide.

Summer 2009 Student Grant winners

Ahmad Javid '11, “Democracy in Afghanistan.” Internship with German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington, DC
Angela Martellaro ’10, Internship and research in Thailand, using language
Rattana Phon '10, Internship in Cambodia with Women Against Violence Everywhere
Daniel Weyl '10, Internship at Lutheran Social Services in Washington, DC, in the refugee resettlement program

Winter 2008-09 Student Grant Winners

All three awards were granted to students doing projects related to micro-finance

Holly Pham ’09, “Weaving city markets: a socially-minded startup in emerging India” (internship with GreenMango in Hyderabad over winter break)
Delna Sepoy ’09, “Weaving city markets: a socially-minded startup in emerging India” (internship with GreenMango in Hyderabad over winter break)
Anna Wolf ’11, “The Advancement of Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Peru” (internship with ProMujer over winter break)