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Faculty Development in Human Rights

Call for Applications:

The following opportunities are intended for faculty members who are committed to incorporating perspectives from the seminars into their teaching.

May/June 2016:  Human Rights - Perspectives from former Yugoslavia

Format and timing:

Former Yugoslavia

Spring semester seminar on the Beloit College campus

7-10 day visit to former Yugoslavia in May/June 2016

Debriefing in Beloit:  September 2016

curriculum development/implementation/dissemination:  2016/17  & 2017/18

 The goals of the seminars & country visits are to:

1. Inform participants and, through them, the campus about human rights and possible solutions from the perspective of Costa Rica and former Yugoslavia,

2. Engage in discussions of pedagogy and other ways to equip students to understand and address human rights, and

3. Encourage teaching and research about human rights across disciplines.

These will be accomplished by engaging in discussion with colleagues on the Beloit College campus and in observation and discussion with a variety of actors in Costa Rica and former Yugoslavia.

To apply:

For Costa Rica:  by September 15, submit a statement to with “Costa Rica Human Rights” in the subject line.  

For former Yugoslavia:  by November 1,  submit a statement to with “Yugoslavia Human Rights” in the subject line. 

The statement should discuss

  1. How the seminar might impact your teaching, including the possible development of new units within courses or new course; and 
  2. What you might bring to the seminar. 
  3. Your prior experience with the Weissberg Program if applicable, and your plans for for future engagement.

The Weissberg Program Committee recognizes that course development takes time.  Please therefore, include a time-line when discussing course development.