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2007 Workshop on Teaching Peace, Justice & Human Rights

2007 Workshop on Teaching Peace, Justice & Human Rights

In association with the residency of Justice Richard J. Goldstone, 2007 Weissberg Chair of International Studies
Beloit College - Beloit, Wisconsin
January 26-28. 2007

Faculty and students are increasingly interested in teaching and learning about peace, justice and human rights.  At the same time, only a few colleges offer a major or even a minor in these areas; typically, offerings at small institutions such as Beloit are limited to an occasional course in one or two departments.  While many liberal arts colleges lack the resources to build a major or minor focused on peace, justice and human rights, they may be interesting in how this subject matter can be addressed by more faculty in more departments.

We therefore propose to take advantage of a conference on transitional justice at Beloit to bring together faculty from a variety of disciplines to attend the conference and hold separate discussions on teaching about peace, justice and human rights.  The conference is part of our annual Weissberg Chair residency, in which a distinguished figure active in international affairs comes to the College for a week to ten days to meet with students and faculty members, lecture, and participate with other experts in the Chair’s field of expertise in a public forum.

Support from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest

Friday, January 26


Welcome and opening remarks - Weeks Lounge, Pearsons Hall

4:30 - 6:00

Teaching Peace Workshop Panel I: Course Models - Weeks Lounge

Teaching Peace Workshop Panel I: Course Models - Weeks Lounge
Kris Thalhammer
(St. Olaf College) - Teaching Human Rights with Hope
Kim Lanegran
(Coe College) - Confronting a Painful Past: Truth Commissions Around the World

Beth K. Dougherty (Beloit College) - Human Rights Seminar

Kent McClelland ( Grinnell College) - Conflict and Conflict Management

6:30 - 8:00

Dinner - Mathers Room, Pearsons Hall

8:00 - 10:00

Screening of War Babies, followed by a facilitated discussion - Richardson Auditorium, Morse Ingersoll Hall

"While much attention has been given to the women survivors of wartime rape, this is the first film to focus on the children conceived through such violence. It follows the stories of offspring in Bangladesh, Bosnia, Rwanda and Nicaragua. Ryan was born out of such violence in Bangladesh and adopted in infancy by a Canadian couple. He returns to his country of origin in search of information about his mother and the Pakistani soldier who raped her during Bangladesh's struggle for independence. He worries that he may have inherited an "evil gene" from this father. His mother was one of 250,000 women raped during that war. The documentary is a powerful indicator of the dimension of this crime of war." (55 min.) Film review by Filmmakers Library

Saturday, January 27 - Conference on Transitional Justice

6:00 - 7:00

Poster session - Mathers Room
Elizabeth Brewer (Beloit College) - Internationalizing Campus: The Weissberg Chair Program
Robin Ragan (Knox College) - Study Social Justice in Buenos Aires Through Knox College
Pablo Toral and Bill New (Beloit College) - Creating a Peace and Justice Studies Minor
Jasmine Yep (Lawrence University) - The Picturing Peace Project
Joe Hatcher (Ripon College) - Peace Studies and Service Learning at the Blue Mountain Project in Jamaica

7:00 - 9:00

Dinner plus facilitated discussions of the transitional justice panels - Mathers Room

Sunday, January 28

8:00 - 9:00

Breakfast and facilitated discussions of co-curricular programs - Moore Lounge

9:00 - 10:30 am

Teaching Peace Workshop Panel II: Experiential Opportunities for Students - Moore Lounge
Elizabeth Brewer and Anna Billingsley (Beloit College) - Off-campus Study and Internships
Susan Gzesh (University of Chicago) - Human Rights Internships: A Decade of Experience
Chris Johnson (Beloit College) - Falling for a Reason: Dancing Social Issues in the Liberal Arts (Dance)
Jasmine Yep (Lawrence University) - The Picturing Peace Project

10:45 - 12:15

Workshop on Teaching Peace, Justice & Human Rights

Teaching Peace Workshop Panel III: New Frontiers: Courses in Non-traditional Disciplines - Moore Lounge
Pablo Toral (Beloit College)
Peter Schwartzman (Knox College) - Environmental Studies
Joe Hatcher (Ripon College) - The Psychology of War & Peace
Thomas McHale and Marion Fass (Beloit College) - Health and Human Rights

12:15 - 12:30

Farewell remarks - Moore Lounge