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Justice Richard Goldstone, 2006-07 Weissberg Chair

Justice Richard J. Goldstone is named the Weissberg Chair in International Studies for 2006 - 2007.  Justice Goldstone served on the Constitutional Court of South Africa from 1994-2003.  He chaired the International Independent Inquiry Commission on Kosovo (1999) and was the first chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda (1994-1996).  As chair of the Commission of Inquiry Regarding Public Violence and Intimidations, also known as the Goldstone Commission, in South Africa from 1991 to 1994, he played an integral role in managing the transition form apartheid to democracy. 

Justice Richard GoldstoneThe theme of this year's Weissberg Chair residency is Transitional Justice, and a number of events over the fall lead up to the residency, including the Harry Davis Lecture and the Stone Lecture by Alfred W. McCoy, UW Madison History on "A President's Legacy of Legalized Torture."

Goldstone's residency: January 17- January 28, 2007.

Conference: January 27, 2007- Transitional Justice: Accountability in the Wake of Mass Atrocities
Participants: Robin Vincent, Gregory Stanton, Richard Goldstone, David Crane, Michael Newton, Susana SáCouto, David Scheffer, Gerald Gahima

January 26 - 28 - Teaching Peace, Justice & Human Rights Workshop (Participation limited to ACM faculty and staff)
Participants: Kris Thalhammer (St. Olaf College), Kim Lanegran (Coe College), Beth K. Dougherty (Beloit College), Kent McClelland ( Grinnell College), Elizabeth Brewer (Beloit College), Robin Ragan (Knox College), Pablo Toral and Bill New (Beloit College), Jasmine Yep (Lawrence University), Joe Hatcher (Ripon College),Anna Billingsley (Beloit College), Susan Gzesh (University of Chicago), Chris Johnson (Beloit College), Peter Schwartzman (Knox College), Joe Hatcher (Ripon College), Thomas McHale and Marion Fass (Beloit College)