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Weissberg Chair Workshop: Preparing Students for Responsible Citizenship

Weissberg Chair Workshop: Preparing Students for Responsible Citizenship

Friday and Saturday, April 4-5, 2008
with support from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest

The workshop brought together faculty from ACM and other institutions to discuss their teaching and advising related to the workshop topic.

Matt Tedesco

photo credit:
Dan Lassiter

Peter Schwartzman

photo courtesy
of the Knox
College website

Rebecca Judge

photo courtesy
of the St. Olaf
College website

Jan Egeland thumbnail

photo courtesy
of the OCHA website

Friday, April 4

3:00 - 4:00 - Workshop Registration, Pearsons Hall

4:00 - Opening Remarks and Panel Discussion: Examples from our Teaching - Weeks Lounge, Pearsons Hall

Chair: Matt Tedesco, Philosophy, Beloit College
Peter Schwartzman, Environmental Studies, Knox College
Rebecca Judge, Economics, St. Olaf College

6:00 - Dinner Discussion: Questions for our Teaching and Advising _ President's Lounge, Chapin Hall

7:00 - Keynote talk by Jan Egeland, former U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and former U.N. Emergency Relief Chief: "Lessons from the Field"

Saturday, April 5

Beth Dougherty

photo from the
Political Science
and International
Relations webpage

Rebecca Hovey

photo courtesy of
Rebecca Hovey

Carol Wickersham

photo credit: Greg Anderson

Regina McGoff

photo courtesy of
the Augsburg
College website

8:30 - Discussion of Texts and their use in Teaching - Weeks Lounge, Pearsons Hall
(texts distributed in advance)
Chair: Beth Dougherty, International Relations, Beloit College

Rebecca Hovey, Globally Engaged Scholar, World Learning, "Ethical Issues in Study Abroad"

10:00-10:15 - break

10:15-12:00 - Panel Discussion: Pathways to Exercising Responsible Citizenship - Weeks Lounge, Pearsons hall
Chair: Carol Wickersham (pictured with 2006-07 Weissberg Chair Richard Goldstone)
Regina McGoff, Associate Director, Center for Global Education at Augsburg College, "Engaging Communities Respectfully"

12:00-1:00 - Lunch discussion: Implications for our Teaching, Examples from our TeachingThese workshop sessions were followed on Saturday afternoon by a conference on Humanitarian Relief in the Wake of Manmade and Natural Disasters, held in conjunction with the 2008 Weissberg Chair Residency at Beloit College of Jan Egeland.