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Raufa Hassan al-Sharki, 2005-06 Weissberg Chair

Raufa Hassan al-SharkiThe 2006 Weissberg Chair, Raufa Hassan al-Sharki, is a noted academic and human rights activist from Yemen. Al-Sharki is Professor of Mass Media and Director of the Women's Studies Center, which she also founded, at the University of Sana'a. She is a leading advocate of women's rights and democratization; she wrote a regular newspaper column for many years, directed a program that registered women voters throughout Yemen and has played a key role in training women candidates for Parliament and local councils.

Her work has focused on the advancement of human rights and dignity in Yemen, the Middle East, and the world. She is a leading advocate of women’s rights and democratization, and directs a program that registers women voters throughout Yemen and trains women candidates for the Yemeni parliament and local councils. She also works with such diverse international programs as UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNESCO, Oxfam and the National Endowment for Democracy.

The organizing theme of her Beloit College visit was Human Rights in the Muslim World.

Friday, April 21 - special Faculty Forum
Professor al-Sharki spoke about her experiences at Sana'a University, where she founded the women's studies program.

Saturday, April 22 - Women's Rights in the Muslim World, Panel discussion
Discussions of the current state of women's rights in Yemen, Egypt & Jordan, and their importance to democratization

  • Diane Singerman - Department of Government, American University
  • Norma Moruzzi - Department of Political Science, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Ibtesam al-Atiyat - Fulbright Scholar, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  • Raufa Hassan al-Sharki - Department of Media Studies, Sana'a University

Monday, April 24 - Major address focusing on prospects for democratization in the Middle East
  "Yemeni-Arab Political Islamic Identity and the Binary Dialogue"

Raufa Hassan al-Sharki in residenceRaufa Hassan al-SharkiRaufa Hassan al-Sharki was in residence at Beloit from April 17 - 26. Besides the public events, she visited classes and met formally and informally with students during her stay. Beth Dougherty, Professor of Political Science and International Relations and a member of the Weissberg Committee, served as moderator for the panel discussion and host for the Weissberg Chair.