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Weissberg Week Events 2011

Ali Allawi, Weissberg Chair in International Studies

Monday, March 28

Faculty Forum, 12:00 - 1:30 pm, Mathers Room, Pearsons Hall, Beloit College

Opening Conviviality, 4:00 pm, Office of International Education, Beloit College

[Allawi Classroom] 

Dr. Allawi (above) met with classes across the disciplines. 

Wednesday, March 30

Book discussion with the author: Crisis of Islamic Civilization, 4:00 pm, Weeks Lounge, Pearsons Hall, Beloit College (book on reserve in the Morse Library)

[Ali book talk]

Dr. Allawi discussing his book, "The Crisis of Islamic Civilization," with students and faculty.

Thursday, March 31

Special Alumni Event: Lecture at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 5:30 pm, Chicago, IL

Friday, April 1

Main address: "The Future of Iraq," 8:00 pm, Science Center Atrium, Beloit College

[Ali Allawi Speech][Allawi speech audience][Allawi speech 2] 


Saturday, April 2

[Marvin Weissberg and Grant Recipients]

Marvin Weissberg, meeting with recipients of student project grants.


[Heather Raffo]Sounds of Desire, theatrical and musical performance illuminating the lives of nine Iraqi women, 4:00 pm, Neese Theater, Beloit College. See description here.