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Weissberg Week Events 2011

Ali Allawi, Weissberg Chair in International Studies

Monday, March 28

Faculty Forum, 12:00 - 1:30 pm, Mathers Room, Pearsons Hall, Beloit College

Opening Conviviality, 4:00 pm, Office of International Education, Beloit College

Allawi Classroom 

Dr. Allawi (above) met with classes across the disciplines. 

Wednesday, March 30

Book discussion with the author: Crisis of Islamic Civilization, 4:00 pm, Weeks Lounge, Pearsons Hall, Beloit College (book on reserve in the Morse Library)

Ali book talk

Dr. Allawi discussing his book, "The Crisis of Islamic Civilization," with students and faculty.

Thursday, March 31

Special Alumni Event: Lecture at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 5:30 pm, Chicago, IL

Friday, April 1

Main address: "The Future of Iraq," 8:00 pm, Sanger Science Center Atrium, Beloit College

Ali Allawi SpeechAllawi speech audienceAllawi speech 2 


Saturday, April 2

Marvin Weissberg and Grant Recipients

Marvin Weissberg, meeting with recipients of student project grants.


Heather RaffoSounds of Desire, theatrical and musical performance illuminating the lives of nine Iraqi women, 4:00 pm, Neese Theater, Beloit College. See description here.