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Ezra Spitzer'99

Name: Ezra O. Spitzer

Class:  1999

Employer:  New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks

Ezra Spitzer on the job

Key Beloit experiences:  summer in Belize, archaeology field school, study abroad in Hungary

What Beloit taught him:  to look beyond the ordinary and engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures.  “Beloit prepares you for anything.”

How he got involved in human rights:  Peace Corps service in Uzbekistan, working with a women’s crisis center.  When a political uprising led Peace Corps to withdraw its volunteers, the United Nations called for Uzbek speakers to assist with the resettlement of refugees to the U.S.  Ezra participated in the mission, subsequently deciding to apply what he had learned in the Peace Corps to communities in the U.S.  This decision led to a career addressing domestic violence and advocating for children.

Ezra’s advice for Beloit College students:   Face challenging experiences with an open mind.  Broaden their horizons, step beyond their comfort zones.  “Working for human rights is challenging, but also rewarding.  You must be persistent and self-motivated.  Progress is often only perceivable in hindsight.”