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WBCR Board 2014-15WBCR is the one place on Beloit College's campus where things are always happening. We have a near constant stream of programmers putting on eclectic and wildly varied shows and a dedicated board of directors that are churning out new ideas and projects that will benefit the campus as a whole.

The Fall semester of 2014 boasts an executive board that is full to capacity and one of the largest numbers of programmers since radio was the king of media. 

With this many people moving through the WBCR headquarters, there is a lot of news to report. Follow the links along the side to read about the current Show of the Week champions, the people who make it all happen, and of course new music news. 

Make sure to listen live while you catch up on the latest WBCR has to offer or check out some of your favorite programs you may have missed on the 'recorded shows' tab. 

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