WBCR: Directors & Contact Info

Directors & Contact Info

Listeners, feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Programmers, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! Email or call the WBCR office at (608)363-2402

Record companies and other promoters: Please direct your inquiries to the appropriate music director, listed below. We cannot guarantee answers to messages sent without proper identification or to the wrong director. Please address your mailings to WBCR and the director title rather than the name of the director (due to us being a student run station we have a high turn over rate of directors).

2014-2015 Student Board of Directors

General inquiries may be sent to wbcrmanager@beloit.edu

Station Managers:  Nora Kane & Devon Pruitt

Program Director:
Contact at:WBCRProgramDirector@beloit.edu

Top 200/New Music: Will Tomer & John Bannon
Contact at: WBCRTop200@beloit.edu

Hip-Hop/RPM: Tony Gonzalez
Contact at: WBCRHipHop@beloit.edu

Folk and Blues/World and Jazz: Emma Bangs
Contact at: WBCRFolkandBlues@beloit.edu

Metal: Devon Pruitt
Contact at: WBCRMetal@beloit.edu

Public Affairs: Rachel Yamron
Contact at: WBCRPublicAffairs@beloit.edu

Promotions Directors: Rachel Yamron
Contact at: WBCRPromotions@beloit.edu

Librarian: Riley Budke

Treasurer: Jordan Brignol

Student Technician: Jacob Systma
Contact at: WBCREngineer@beloit.edu

Do you have any questions or comments about our programming? Let us know at WBCR.Feedback@beloit.edu.


WBCR-FM 90.3
Beloit College, Box 39
700 College Street
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511
Office phone: (608) 363-2402
FAX: (608) 363-2718, ATTN: WBCR