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Beloit is only about an hour-and-a-half drive from Chicago and Milwaukee—O’Hare International Airport is just a quick, easy bus ride away—and the state capital, Madison, is just a 45-minute drive on Interstate 90. With multiple events happening on campus every night, the problem is not usually what to do, but what you’ll have to miss.

From the farmers market to the film festival to Friday-night open mics, there’s much more to this revitalized, reborn river city than you might expect. It’s a little bit of everything that you’d find anywhere else, but flavored by Wisconsin, the Midwest, and its diverse inhabitants. Some would say it’s an acquired taste. To them, we say: What, you don’t like cheese curds?

Whether visiting the college (and one of its two museums) or coming to town for the Beloit International Film Festival, we hope you’ll find the maps and information on these pages useful.

Getting to Beloit

Whether by car, bus, plane, or train, there are many well traveled pathways which lead to Beloit.

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From comfy beds and hardy meals, a wide selection of hotels and restaurants are available in and around the city of Beloit.

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