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Ancient, modern, and everything in between.

Pride of place

When you visit Beloit, you’ll see that our campus is as varied as our student body. Leading-edge green buildings sit comfortably next to ivy-covered halls. Modern art installations stand yards from 2,000-year-old American Indian burial mounds .

Four buildings on our wooded, 40-acre campus are listed in the historic register. And our contemporary buildings feature LEED-certified architecture, moving the college toward a sustainable future.

Power up

Beloit’s latest addition to this old-meets-new aesthetic, the Powerhouse , was voted the world’s best future building.

Why? We took a decommissioned power plant and transformed it into a sustainable student center designed for how Beloiters really live. The Powerhouse combines learning spaces, hangout spots, fitness centers, and athletic facilities in a way that you have to see to believe.

A world-class campus

Visit Beloit in any season (pack your down parka in the winter though) to see what our campus has to offer:

  • Research labs with advanced technology in the LEED-certified Sanger Center for the Sciences.
  • The Neese Performing Arts Center with a 300-seat auditorium, black-box theatre, a scenery studio, and a costume shop.
  • A 25-acre stadium and sports complex , including training facilities for Beloit student-athletes.
  • The internationally recognized Logan Museum of Anthropology .
  • The Wright Museum of Art , a teaching museum with 4,500 pieces in its collection.
  • The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) is home to a business incubator; a student-run art gallery; video and sound editing suites; and a cable-access TV station.
  • The Hendricks Center for the Arts, a former post office, houses classrooms, music and dance studios, performances spaces, a film screening room, and a lighting-design lab.

No town-gown here

Since the ’60s, the city of Beloit has been as much a classroom as any on our campus. You’ll find Beloiters student-teaching in local schools, shadowing healthcare workers at our hospital, working with the Beloit Snappers (our minor league baseball team), recruiting drivers for transportation companies, testing and analyzing soil quality for environmental engineering firms, or promoting the city with Visit Beloit

A dog’s eye view

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