Beloit College Video Tour

Now you’ve got the whole Beloit campus in the palm of your hand. (Or maybe on your coffee table.)

There’s nothing like an actual tour of Beloit’s campus. There’s so much to see, and the campus is lovely in the fall, and our tour guides just really love walking backwards.

But if an in-person visit is not possible for you right now, we’ve come up with a way to bring campus to you. We’ve collected some of our favorite videos from the Beloit community, in the hope that they’ll give you some idea of how great this place is. There’s no substitute for seeing Beloit in person, but this’ll have to do, until you can come visit for real.

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The Beloit Brain

Let’s start in the lab. (Pretty much everything is a lab at Beloit.)

It’s a virtual tour, not a real one, so we don’t have to start in the admissions office. There’s so much amazing student research happening at Beloit— and not just in the sciences, but throughout the college. What do you want to work on at Beloit? Here are some student projects that might inspire you to start preparing for your own new discoveries.
Living at Beloit

There’s more to school than school.

Beloit students seldom limit themselves to one interest or activity and have a wide array of interests outside the classroom. Take a look into what some of those activities are in this video series. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find a supportive campus community at Beloit.
Beloit Faculty

A community of scholars in support of our students

Professors come to Beloit because we value teaching as much as research. Our faculty tell us that the chance to work closely with students is the best thing about working at Beloit. But they’re serious independent scholars in their own right. In this series, professors talk about their research.
Beloit Athletics

One college. 18 varsity sports. One team.

Most Beloit students take part in organized physical activity, whether it’s varsity sports or intramurals. These videos go deep on some of our varsity teams as well as other ways our students stay in shape.
The Powerhouse

Student union, recreation center, and athletics facility.

No tour is complete without a look at the Powerhouse: a spectacular space for the Beloit community to come together to work, train, eat, and play. The Powerhouse is a first-of-its-kind facility in the country—one that combines student life spaces with recreational facilities, further connects campus with the community, and preserves history while looking to the future.

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