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Why Upward Bound?

You have what it takes to complete college!

  1. Be the first in your family to graduate from college.
  2. Earn money to pay for your college education.
  3. Develop the skills that will make you academically successful.
  4. Cultivate positive habits to ensure you are ready for college. 

If you've even remotely thought about a post-secondary education (college), you've come to the right place.  Upward Bound (UB) can help you move through the possibility of college, to college graduation!

Reasons to Apply:

  1. You get paid to attend!  Students who participate receive a regular stipend.
  2. UB guides you through the entire college application process.
  3. UB ensures you're taking the right classes to get into college.
  4. UB will help you apply for financial aid.
  5. You will receive FREE tutoring.
  6. You will have opportunities to participate in diverse cultural experiences.
  7. You will visit a multitude of college campuses.
  8. You have the opportunity to experience life on a college campus.

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(608) 363-2725