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Senior Resources

Financial Aid

 Senior Year Documents

  1. Senior Year Checklist
  2. List of Upward Bound Services
  3. College Application Process

Uuseful Websites for College Preparation

  1.  - site for middle and high school students, mentors and parents to help prepare for college.  LOTS of resources at this site.
  2. – similar site as above, but customized for Wisconsin residents.
  3. – a website to get a scholarship application to attend pre-college programs in Madison or at many other college locations around the state. It is highly encouraged to CALL the phone number on this website to find out what is available to you.
  4. – Information for first generation college students to access resources for going to college.
  5.  – a site just for parents to help students prepare for and succeed in college.
  6. – official website for registering for the ACT.  Get a waiver # and use it to register.  Be sure we get your test scores!!
  8. – this site connects you with SAT testing opportunities and lots of useful info for both students and parents to prepare for college. is more specific to parents.
  9. – a site to do widespread college searches.  Recommended by senior mentors.
  10.  - this website helps you search for the college that is the right fit for you.
  11.  – the site to find the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  12. – gives lots of info for college prep but especially assists with financial aid vocabulary.


  10.  – a site with lots of resources to help with your scholarship search.
  11. – a site to look at scholarships in all 50 states.
  12. – The Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship website for minority students.  Start early!!
  13. – a site for learning more about private colleges and the admissions process.
  14. – a guide for accessing state institutions in Wisconsin.
  15. – information for parents and families with lots of resources to download.