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Dear parents:

The major objective of the Upward Bound program is to generate the qualities that are required to ensure the success of our students in their post-secondary education. Our program is specially designed to assist limited income and first-generation youth in the Greater Beloit area. We work with high-school adolescents of all grade levels in order to help them successfully make the transition from high school to an institution of higher learning.

The Upward Bound program guides students that are interested in enhancing their skills and furthering their education. There are monthly mandatory workshops and activities that are designed to increase student involvement and complement the high-school curriculum. Student participation is a requirement of the program. Therefore, continuous lack of participation may result in removal from the program in order to provide assistance to a more committed student.

Program participants take part in weekly tutoring sessions and pre-scheduled monthly workshops throughout the academic year. They are also required to attend a six-week summer component.

The Upward Bound program sets the following goals for each of its participants:

  1. Increase academic performance and motivation.
  2. Develop discipline and self-awareness around academics through tutoring and course selection.
  3. Experience cultural and educational opportunities to develop a positive attitude toward higher education.
  4. Be prepared for college and scholarship applications, as well as the financial aid process.

These objectives can only be met if the students and their families are involved in the program by working proactively with all Upward Bound staff.

Please feel free to contact our office if you need further information or assistance.

The office may be contacted at:

Upward Bound/Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511
Telephone: (608) 363-2725
Fax: (608) 363-2139