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Services & Opportunities

Academic Support and Tutoring
Upward Bound works to provide the students with the support they need to be successful academically. For some students, this may come in the form of tutoring for their geometry class. For others, it may come in the form of taking a sample ACT test. The type of support depends on the needs of the student. Tutoring is provided to the students by Upward Bound staff and college tutors, Monday through Thursday at the local high schools and at Beloit College.

Cultural Events
Cultural enrichment is also a goal of the Upward Bound program. Upward Bound aims to challenge students' minds by providing these opportunities throughout the academic year and summer component. Students in the program have been introduced to art exhibits, dance performances, science and technology centers, musical recitals, and theatrical performances on the Beloit College campus, as well as in Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Indianapolis.

Summer Programs
DSC_8578.JPG A six-week residential program is offered on the Beloit College campus. The program is designed to give the students a feel for what it is like to go to college and to provide an academic curriculum to help them better prepare for their high school classes. Students also have the opportunity to explore subjects that may not be offered in a traditional high school setting.

Academic Advising
Upward Bound students know exactly what is expected of them. Academic advising is available continuously throughout their participation in Upward Bound. Prior to each academic year, the students' schedules are analyzed so that the students are taking the necessary courses in high school to ensure that they are being challenged and are able to meet all current college admission requirements upon high school graduation.

Leadership Opportunities
Upward Bound provides its students with many opportunities to display or develop their leadership skills. Students have the opportunity to discuss with their peers about what they would like to see happen during their stay on campus, and work with Upward Bound staff to plan summer activities. Students of the program are also selected to attend the MAEOPP Student Leadership Conference and the WEASPP Student Conference.

Community Service Projects
Upward Bound is currently in the process of adding a Community Service component into the program. The goal under this component is to instill in the students a sense of pride and commitment to the community in which they live. Upward Bound has done mentoring with elementary school students, canned food drives, and plans to continue with such projects in the future.

Career Component
Recently, the program has implemented a more in depth career component to aid in the development of the students' paraprofessional skills. Students are offered the opportunity to take an Introduction to Careers course during the summer component and will now have the opportunity to work internships within the Beloit community to help them gain the confidence, work experience, interview skills, and the other necessary tools to help them be successful and more marketable in the job world. Students selected for this will receive a generous stipend.