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Student Testimonials

Will Robinson (’08) accepts position with Bates White

will_robinson.jpgDuring the summer of 2007 I received the Jed Rhoads scholarship to support my internship as a Summer Consultant with Bates White, LLC. Bates White is a consulting firm that offers services in economics, finance, and business strategy to leading law firms, FORTUNE 500 companies, and government agencies. My job was very similar to the job of a full time consultant. I went through extensive training courses and was put on a project team in the Environmental and Product Liability practice working on an asbestos case. I was placed on the research team but was also exposed to the data side of the case work. I was fortunate to enter the project early enough to see my work directly impact the direction of the analysis in the expert report. I cannot imagine a better internship experience for an undergraduate. I learned an incredible amount and got an insider’s view of the consultant field. I will be joining Bates White as a full time employee in August of 2008.

Laura Grube (‘08) interns at The Mercatus Center through the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

laura_grube.jpgIn the summer of 2007 I was a Charles G. Koch Fellow at the Mercatus Center, a research center affiliated with George Mason University. I contributed to the Global Prosperity Initiative projects at the Mercatus Center, including Enterprise Africa! I had the opportunity to work with African studies scholar Karol Boudreaux on a variety of topics, including the economy of Mauritius, community-based natural resource management projects in Namibia, and Rwanda's growing specialty coffee industry. In addition to my internship, I attended lectures, debates, panels, and workshops which focused on market-based approaches to social and economic problems. My experience this past summer has only reinforced my interest in development. I am applying for a Fulbright to continue development research which I began as a study abroad student in South Africa, and I am also applying for development consulting positions.

Skyler Treat (’09) interns at the Environmental Literacy Council through the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

skyler.jpgDuring the summer of 2008, I participated in the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship Program throughthe Institute for Humane Studies. I was fortunate enough to be able to intern with the Environmental Literacy Council (ELC), a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the young people have the intellectual tools they need to make informed decisions about the future by providing reliable and well-researched support materials to educators. When I joined ELC, they had just produced a resource guide for elementary and middle school teachers on biodiversity and were in the process of updating the biodiversity section of their website. With the guidance of their project manager, I researched and wrote several articles on biodiversity for the project. These articles included subtopics such as the causes of biodiversity loss, biodiversity trends, and the measuring biodiversity. I also researched and wrote articles on economic themes related to the environment, such as property rights and energy efficiency. Writing for the website provided an opportunity for me to learn how to write more clearly, concisely and accessibly. I also learned about website maintenance making sure that ELC’s website had appropriate links to other relevant websites, organizations and curricula. This experience was invaluable in directing my career search during my senior year. Since graduating from Beloit in May 2009, I secured a year-long position with the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation as a Market Based Management Associate.