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Senior Seminar on the Wealth and Well Being of Nations

The Upton Forum will bring to campus leading intellectual figures focused on the nature and causes of wealth and well being. As a liberal arts college, we are committed to making the Upton Forum a transformative experience for our students. It is for that reason that the ideas and influence of each year's Upton Scholar will be woven into the economics curriculum.

Every fall, seniors within the department will come together for a capstone course built around that year's Upton Scholar. By the time an Upton Scholar arrives on campus, seniors will have read his or her work and research it has inspired. Students will have many opportunities to engage with the Upton Scholar in both formal and informal settings.

By weaving the Upton Scholar into the economics curriculum, our students will understand that in order to be responsible contributors to the public debate, they must be prepared, they must marshal the appropriate evidence to support their arguments, they must consider counterarguments thoughtfully and in a spirit of openness—and perhaps most importantly—they should expect to be changed in the process. It is this aspect of the Upton Forum that will be its enduring mark of distinction.