Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professorship in Economics

“Ebbie” Neese, former president of the Beloit Corporation, was a long-standing trustee of Beloit College and a close friend of Miller Upton. In his memory, the Neese Family Foundation has endowed the Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professorship in Economics, which will support the faculty member charged with directing the annual Miller Upton Forum. From its earliest days, Beloit College has undertaken a public mission: to prepare young people for educated, open-minded and responsible citizenship. We are honored to perpetuate Ebbie’s belief in that mission through this endowed professorship.

The Economics Professor who holds the Neese Chair teaches our Senior Seminar during each Fall Semester, building the course around the contributions and fields of each year’s Upton Scholar. Just past the midpoint of the semester, the Upton Scholar arrives on campus for a 4-5 day residency. During this Upton Forum week, the Upton Scholar delivers a keynote address, visits classes, and responds to remarks made by a panel of economists brought in by the Neese Chair to comment upon the Upton Scholar’s work. Each of these elements of the Upton Scholar’s residency is incorporated into the Senior Seminar.

Additional responsibilities of the Neese Chair therefore include the identification of, invitation to, and contracting of each year’s Upton Scholar along with a pertinent supporting cast of economists who serve on the panel of commentators. Given the demand for distinguished economists, each Upton Scholar and accompanying panel is booked a year or more in advance. Previous Upton Scholars include Douglass North, Hernando de Soto, Israel Kirzner, Elinor Ostrom, and Timur Kuran, and this year’s Upton Scholar is James Gwartney. During each Spring Semester, the Neese Chair edits an Annual Proceedings on the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations, where the Upton Scholar’s keynote address is published along with the commentaries submitted by panelists as well as top papers forthcoming from the students of the Senior Seminar. The Neese Chair performs all of his or her annual duties while remaining an active Professor of Economics who teaches two courses every Fall Semester (one of which is the Senior Seminar) along with two courses every Spring Semester. Strong administrative support is available to assist with non-teaching components of the Neese Chair’s Fall and Spring activities.

Previous Neese Chairs include Emily Chamlee-Wright, now Provost and Dean at Washington College, as well as Joshua Hall, now a tenured professor in the Department of Economics at West Virginia University. Additional biographical information about Emily and Josh appears below. To read more about the Senior Seminar, the Upton Forum, and the Annual Proceedings, please explore each of these links to this web site.

From Beloit College News:

Josh Hall named Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professor of Economics

Joshua HallMonday, September 17, 2012

At last week's Academic Senate meeting it was announced that Josh Hall will be the new Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professor of Economics.

He replaces Emily Chamlee-Wright who recently took a position as Provost at Washington College. Hall’s previous title was assistant professor of economics.

As the Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professor of Economics, Hall will direct the annual Miller Upton Forum.

The professorship is in honor of “Ebbie” Neese, a former president of the Beloit Corporation, a long-standing trustee of Beloit College, and a close friend of the college’s sixth president, Miller Upton.

From Washington College News:

Washington College Taps Beloit Economist and Administrator As New Provost
and Dean

CHESTERTOWN, MD—Washington College has named Emily Chamlee-Wright as its new Provost and Dean. Chamlee-Wright currently serves as Associate Dean at Beloit College in Wisconsin, where she also teaches economics and directs the Miller Upton Programs on the Wealth and Well-being of Nations.

Washington College president Mitchell B. Reiss says Chamlee-Wright stood out among a remarkably strong field of candidates because of her strengths as both a scholar and an administrator. “It is clear that Dr. Chamlee-Wright understands what it takes to be a great teacher and scholar, and what it takes to be a great liberal-arts college in the 21st century,” he adds. “She impressed us all with her passion for engaged learning, both in the classroom and in the field. In these challenging economic times, we also value her experience in bringing financial stability and sustainability to high-quality academic programs and in expanding summer programs at Beloit. Her talents, energy and creativity will help us move Washington College forward in significant ways.”

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News: The first holder of the Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professorship in Economics named emily.jpgAt its October 2007 meeting of the Board of Trustees of Beloit College, Dean Franken announced Emily Chamlee-Wright as the first holder of the Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professorship in Economics. Professor Chamlee-Wright earned her PhD in Economics from George Mason University in 1993 whereupon she joined the Beloit College faculty. Professor Chamlee-Wright has spent her career investigating the cultural and institutional forces that foster free, peaceful, and prosperous societies. As the Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professor, she will direct and develop the Upton Forum and related programs.