The Annual Proceedings of the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations

The following are the transcripts of past Upton Forums.  Digital copies of each volume and individual contributions may be found below.  Printed volumes are available upon request; please contact Jennifer Kodl at

Volume VII Cover

Volume VII - 2014-2015

Entire Volume

Warren Bruce Palmer

"What Can an Economist Possibly Have to Say About Climate Change?"
Robert N. Stavins

"Market and the Environment: Progress and Future Challenges"
Sheila M. Olmstead

"Linking Sound Economics with Global Polices"
Gernot Wagner

"Carbon Pricing: From Theory to Reality"
Yoram Bauman

"Regulation, Innovation and Experimentation: The Case of Residential Rooftop Solar"
Lynne Kiesling and Mark Silberg

"Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Entrepreneurship"
Mark Hanson

"Using Tax Financing Strategies to Help Fund a Zero Net Energy Landmark Building and "Green" Endowment for Beloit College"
John Clancy

"Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Entrepreneurship"
John Nelson

"Addressing Climate Change Should Boost the Economy"
John Norquist

Volume VI Cover

Volume VI - 2013-2014

Entire Volume

Joshua C. Hall

"Institutions, Economic Freedom, and the Wealth of Nations"
James D. Gwartney

"Freedom as Development: Reflections on James Gwartney’s Contributions to Measuring Institutions"
Robert A. Lawson

"The Soft Side of Economic Freedom"
Niclas Berggren

"Freedom and Economic Education: Jim Gwartney at the Crossroads"
J.R. Clark

"Culture and Freedom"
Claudia R. Williamson and Rachel L. Coyne

"The Geography of Economic Freedom"
Matthew Brown

"Economic Freedom Research: Some Comments and Suggestions"
Jamie Bologna and Joshua Hall

Volume V Cover

Volume V - 2012-2013

Entire Volume

Joshua C. Hall

"Religious Obstacles to Democratization in the Middle East: Past and Present"
Timur Kuran

"Institutional Bottlenecks: What Can be Done?"
Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall

"Preference Falsification,
Revolutionary Coordination, and The Tahrir Square Model"

David Siddhartha Patel

"Are We There Yet? Time for Checks and Balances on New Institutionalism"
Murat Iyigun

"Timur Kuran’s Framework and Economic Underdevelopment
in the Islamic World"

Jared Rubin

"Religion and Entrepreneurial Activity in the U.S."
Travis Wiseman and Andrew Young

"Brazil’s Long Divergence"
Anna B. Faria and J. Robert Subrick

Volume IV Cover

Volume IV - 2011-2012

Entire Volume

Emily Chamlee-Wright

"The Challenges of Achieving Conservation and Development"
Elinor Ostrom

"The Commons of Knowledge: A Historical Perspective"
Joel Mokyr

"Ostrom and Liberal Education: The College Classroom as Knowledge Commons"
Robert F. Garnett Jr.

"Yet Another Path: Another Path: Expanding De Soto's Framework using Ostrom's Insights"
Adrian Perez

"Polycentrism, Self-Governance, and the Case of Married Women's Rights Reform"
Jayme S. Lemke

"Regulation's Effect on Experimentation in Retail Electricity Markets"
Lynne Kiesling

"Polycentrism and Prison Gangs"
David B. Skarbek and Andrew Marcum

"Property taxes and Polycentricity"
Justin M. Ross and Daniel Hummel

Volume II Cover

Volume III - 2010-2011

Entire Volume

Emily Chamlee-Wright 

"The Economics of Greed or the Economics of Purpose"
Israel M. Kirzner

"The Genius of Mises and the Brilliance of Kirzner"
Peter Boettke / Frederic Sautet

"A Kirznerian Economic History of the Modern World"
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

"Discovering the Gains from Trade: Alertness and the Extent of the Market"
Adam Martin

"The Determinants of Entrepreneurial Alertness and the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs"
Virgil Henry Storr / Arielle John

"Explaining the Rise of Institutions: Toward a Kirznerian Theory of Repeated Games"
Peter Nencka

"Entrepreneurs are not Experts"
Roger Koppl

"Are Current Economic Activities Undermining Future Prosperity?"
Randall Holcombe

"Entrepreneurial Volatility: A Cross Country Study"
José Ernesto Amorós / Oscar Cristi / Maria Minniti

Volume II Cover

Volume II - 2009-2010

Entire Volume

Emily Chamlee-Wright 

"Understanding the Shadow Economies of the Developing and Developed Worlds"
Hernando de Soto

"The Biggest Idea in Development That No One Really Tried"
Michael Clemens

"The Microeconomics of Public Choice in Developing Economies: A Case Study of One Mexican Village"
Tyler Cowen

"Economic Freedom and the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations"
Robert A. Lawson

"Property Rights and the Return to Capital"
Benjamin J. VanMetre / Joshua C. Hall

"The Two Sides of de Soto: Property Rights, Land Titling, and Development"
Claudia R. Williamson

"Property Takings in Developed versus Developing Countries: Economics, Politics, and the Limits of the Holdout Problem"
Edward J. Lopez

"Beyond Microcredit: Delivering Financial Services to the Poor through Agent Banking"
Robert Peck Christen

"The 2008 Financial Crisis: Causes, Response, and Consequences"
Lyle E. Gramley

Volume I Cover

Volume I - 2008-2009

Entire Volume

Emily Chamlee-Wright 

"Violence and Social Orders"
Douglass North

"The Failure to Transplant Democracy, Markets, and the Rule of Law into the Developing World"
Barry R. Weingast

"Institutional Transition and the Problem of Credible Commitment"
Peter Boettke

"Why Do Elites Permit Reform?"
John V.C. Nye

"The Importance of Expectations in Economic Development"
Christopher J. Coyne

"Designing Incentive-Compatible Policies to Promote Human Capital Development"
Carolyn J. Heinrich

"North’s Underdeveloped Ideological Entrepreneur"
Virgil Henry Storr