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The Annual Proceedings of the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations

The following are the transcripts of past Upton Forums.  Digital copies of each volume and individual contributions may be found below.  Printed volumes are available upon request; please contact Jennifer Kodl at


Volume VI Cover Volume VI - 2013-2014

Volume V Cover

Volume V - 2012-2013

Entire Volume

- Joshua C. Hall

"Religious Obstacles to Democratization in the Middle East: Past and Present"
- Timur Kuran

"Institutional Bottlenecks: What Can be Done?"
- Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall

"Preference Falsification,
Revolutionary Coordination, and The Tahrir Square Model"

- David Siddhartha Patel

"Are We There Yet? Time for Checks and Balances on New Institutionalism"
- Murat Iyigun

"Timur Kuran’s Framework and Economic Underdevelopment
in the Islamic World"

- Jared Rubin

"Religion and Entrepreneurial Activity in the U.S."
- Travis Wiseman and Andrew Young

"Brazil’s Long Divergence"
- Anna B. Faria and J. Robert Subrick

Volume IV Cover

Volume IV - 2011-2012

Entire Volume

- Emily Chamlee-Wright

"The Challenges of Achieving Conservation and Development"
- Elinor Ostrom

"The Commons of Knowledge: A Historical Perspective"
- Joel Mokyr

"Ostrom and Liberal Education: The College Classroom as Knowledge Commons"
- Robert F. Garnett Jr.

"Yet Another Path: Another Path: Expanding De Soto's Framework using Ostrom's Insights"
- Adrian Perez

"Polycentrism, Self-Governance, and the Case of Married Women's Rights Reform"
- Jayme S. Lemke

"Regulation's Effect on Experimentation in Retail Electricity Markets"
- Lynne Kiesling

"Polycentrism and Prison Gangs"
- David B. Skarbek and Andrew Marcum

"Property taxes and Polycentricity"
- Justin M. Ross and Daniel Hummel

Volume II Cover

Volume III - 2010-2011

Entire Volume

- Emily Chamlee-Wright 

"The Economics of Greed or the Economics of Purpose"
- Israel M. Kirzner

"The Genius of Mises and the Brilliance of Kirzner"
- Peter Boettke / Frederic Sautet

"A Kirznerian Economic History of the Modern World"
- Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

"Discovering the Gains from Trade: Alertness and the Extent of the Market"
- Adam Martin

"The Determinants of Entrepreneurial Alertness and the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs"
- Virgil Henry Storr / Arielle John

"Explaining the Rise of Institutions: Toward a Kirznerian Theory of Repeated Games"
- Peter Nencka

"Entrepreneurs are not Experts"
- Roger Koppl

"Are Current Economic Activities Undermining Future Prosperity?"
- Randall Holcombe

"Entrepreneurial Volatility: A Cross Country Study"
- José Ernesto Amorós / Oscar Cristi / Maria Minniti

Volume II Cover

Volume II - 2009-2010

Entire Volume

- Emily Chamlee-Wright 

"Understanding the Shadow Economies of the Developing and Developed Worlds"
- Hernando de Soto

"The Biggest Idea in Development That No One Really Tried"
- Michael Clemens

"The Microeconomics of Public Choice in Developing Economies: A Case Study of One Mexican Village"
- Tyler Cowen

"Economic Freedom and the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations"
- Robert A. Lawson

"Property Rights and the Return to Capital"
- Benjamin J. VanMetre / Joshua C. Hall

"The Two Sides of de Soto: Property Rights, Land Titling, and Development"
- Claudia R. Williamson

"Property Takings in Developed versus Developing Countries: Economics, Politics, and the Limits of the Holdout Problem"
- Edward J. Lopez

"Beyond Microcredit: Delivering Financial Services to the Poor through Agent Banking"
- Robert Peck Christen

"The 2008 Financial Crisis: Causes, Response, and Consequences"
- Lyle E. Gramley

Volume I Cover

Volume I - 2008-2009

Entire Volume

- Emily Chamlee-Wright 

"Violence and Social Orders"
- Douglass North

"The Failure to Transplant Democracy, Markets, and the Rule of Law into the Developing World"
- Barry R. Weingast

"Institutional Transition and the Problem of Credible Commitment"
- Peter Boettke

"Why Do Elites Permit Reform?"
- John V.C. Nye

"The Importance of Expectations in Economic Development"
- Christopher J. Coyne

"Designing Incentive-Compatible Policies to Promote Human Capital Development"
- Carolyn J. Heinrich

"North’s Underdeveloped Ideological Entrepreneur"
- Virgil Henry Storr