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The Miller Upton Programs

The Miller Upton Program seeks to deepen our students' understanding of the wealth and wellbeing of nations through intimate interactions with preeminent thinkers.

Ask Big Questions

  • What drives human progress?
  • How can compassionate capitalism pave the way to a prosperous and equal world?
  • How can I make a difference and help reduce global poverty, promote human development, and solve energy issues? 

Engage And Learn

Inquire with the Miller Upton Scholar in an intimate classroom setting

The Miller Upton Scholar is a public intellectual whose distinguished work and influential ideas become the driving force of the annual forum. With many leading scholars also at the forum, the conversation is enriched even further.

Experience a powerful fusion of  theory and practice

Students grasp the theories in the classroom, apply them in their senior theses, and connect with prominent scholars in the field to put their liberal arts into practice.

Hear the real deal: from students themselves

The forum has given students lots of experiences to divulge and many tales to tell. Learn more about them here.

While the Miller Upton Forum is the core of the Miller Upton Programs, it cannot achieve all of the Department's goals. The articles and presentations from each year's Forum are collected in an edited volume, The Annual Proceedings of the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations. The Miller Upton Endowed Student Internship Awards support exceptional students pursuing high-impact internship experiences. The Student Research Colloquium provides additional opportunities for economics students to develop as scholars by meeting with outside scholars brought to campus and by writing an article with the eventual goal of publication in a newspaper, magazine, or academic journal.

The Miller Upton Endowments make all of these programs possible. Dedicated alumni and friends of Miller Upton funded the Miller Upton Endowments to honor the sixth President of Beloit College who dedicated his career to advancing the ideals of the liberal society.