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Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies

The department provides an experiential program that focuses on the creation and presentation of narrative messages using performance and media within a liberal arts context. Committed to educating the whole person, departmental faculty and staff believe a theatre, dance, or media studies artist today needs to develop not only as a practitioner possessing artistic capabilities and understanding, but also as a well-rounded human being.

The disciplines of theatre, dance, and media studies provide the form and content through which academic and life skills, which have broad applications, are acquired and applied. At Beloit College, the theatre, dance and media studies program stresses the interdependency of academic study and experiential learning, the importance of disciplinary foundations, and the significance of a broad knowledge of performance and culture. Additionally, the program is dedicated to educating its students to consider the possibilities for their selected art form by wholeheartedly engaging the ideas and perspectives of other artistic approaches and disciplines.

Courses offer intensive exploration of the core perspectives necessary for performance and media practice, intellectual and aesthetic understanding, and lifetime involvement in performance and media disciplines.