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Neese Performing Arts Center

The Neese Performing Arts Center is the heart of a vibrant performing arts program that embraces drama, technical theatre-crafts, dance, music, and dress design.

The complex includes a 300-seat thrust-stage theatre, the more intimate Kresge Experimental Theatre, the Bunge television studio, scenery and lighting design studios, and a professional-quality costume shop that has rented pieces out to several companies (including the renowned American Players Theatre).

Beloit students can explore seven different concentrations in the theatre arts major, participate in theatre programs as a co-curricular activity, or choose their own path. Beloit encourages students to explore interdisciplinary studies or create their own major to cultivate their personal interests.

The main theatre, built to Equity standards, is a perfect venue for student performances in theatre and dance. Students offer a series of dramatic and comedic performances each year. Actors and technicians alike benefit from working together to bring the arts to life.

One annual highlight is Chelonia modern dance performance that joins student dancers with professional dance mentors. Students choreograph their own works, creating dynamic, eclectic performances that win rave reviews.