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Richardson Auditorium, Morse-Ingersoll Hall

Time Presenter Title
9:00 Opening Remarks by Ellen Joyce, History
9:05 Georgia Armitage Women's Agency in al-Andalus
9:30 Nicholas Borbely Linguistic Crossover between Russian and the Turkic Language Family
9:55 Kyle Swinford China's Changing Policies in Xinjiang
10:35 Opening Remarks by Bill New, Education & Youth Studies
10:40 Kyle Gravit & Maximillian Moderski YMCA camp duncan: how working with differently abled children teaches valuable skills
11:05 Courtney Bingham & Cynthia Escobedo & Angela Vilches & Seung Kyun (Sam) Yim CRIS Public Fellows: Writing for Social Justice
11:30 Shelby Strehlow Mentors Navigating Identity Differences with Mentees to Form Emotional Relationships
1:00 Opening Remarks by Jingjing Lou, Education & Youth Studies
1:05 Mariana Carrillo Systemic Racism: Friendships in the Pre-Adolescent Stage
1:30 Amelia Murray History of Formal Shuar Education in Ecuador: The struggle for culturally relevant and empowering education within an assimilationist system
1:55 Alek Lockhart Twelve Years of Creating a Nuisance: Policing and Skateboarders of Color at Telfer Park
2:20 Maximillian Moderski The (Mis)use of Technology in the Classroom
3:00 Opening Remarks by Brian Morello, CELEB
3:05 Georgia Armitage You Can't Just Throw Money at a Problem: How Do Remittances Impact Educational Outcomes in Vietnam?
3:30 Ivan Gradjansky Trumping Trump: Why higher tariffs won't fix the trade deficit
3:55 Sukanya Upadhyaya Climate Change and Entrepreneurship Growth in the U.S.

Room 150, Sanger Science Center

Time Presenter Title
9:00 Opening Remarks by Carol Wickersham, Sociology
9:05 Katherine Johnson Entering the Medical Field as a CNA
9:30 Mauricio Sosa Cárdenas A Translation of Roadblocks to Health: A Qualitative Analysis of Interviews with Medical Interpreters
9:55 Jason Lansing Rethinking Wellbeing Through Tibetan Conceptions of Health
10:35 Opening Remarks by Sarah Coyer, Office for Inclusive Living and Learning
10:40 Lillie Herbst Environmental Racism: How policy has disproportionately affected the Anishinaabe
11:05 Lisa Colligan The Impact of Gardening on Soil Conditions at the Beloit Urban Garden
11:30 Slater Payne Problems Facing Lake Baikal
1:00 Opening Remarks by Daniel Barolsky, Music
1:05 Olivia Nasatir Development of a Sensory Awareness Scale
1:30 Blair Henderson Trans Girls Cry: The Exploitation of Transgender Female Tragedy in Cinema
1:55 Joseph Stephenson Forecasting with Neural Networks
2:20 Lemon Wood Traditional Intaglio Printmaking in Contemporary Studio Art Practice
3:00 Opening Remarks by Daniel Youd, Modern Languages & Literature
3:05 Ziming Wu Language and God: Encoding and Decoding Transcendence in an Eighteenth-Century Manuscript on Chinese Philology
3:30 Pablo Arimany Big Spaces, Giant Hiding Places: Spanish Transitional Film and the Familial Home
3:55 Brooke Mackowiak Forging Unity Through Diversity: Picture Postcards in the Shaping of the Soviet Nation

Room 249, Sanger Science Center

Time Presenter Title
9:00 Opening Remarks by Marina Bergenstock, Theatre and Dance
9:05 Grace Gerloff Becoming the Egg Roll: Negotiating Adoption and Identity Through Food
9:30 Julia Dirkes-Jacks Reclaiming Comedy; Farce in an Age of Inclusivity
9:55 Abby C. Bender & McKensie Finan The How and The Why by Sarah Treem: Women in STEM expressing themselves through the arts
10:35 Opening Remarks by Dan Schooff, President's Office
10:40 Rita Chang Why Beloit?: Meaningful and Memorable Learning of First-Year Students
11:05 Mya Hernandez Movin' LA
11:30 Kangying Liu Synthesis of Zinc Copper Indium Sulfide Quantum Dot Nanoparticles
1:00 Opening Remarks by Greg Buchanan, Psychology
1:05 Gabriel Hersch Liberal Arts On-Campus Dining: Habits, Preferences, and Interventions
1:30 Abigail Aldridge Decolonizing Psychology at Beloit College
1:55 Sara Poff The Effect of Mindfulness and Positivity on the Perceived Stress Levels of College Students
2:20 Clare Giaimo Effect of type of video education of police tactics on civilians' perceptions of police
3:00 Opening Remarks by Kristin Bonnie, Psychology
3:05 Jenna Nordin & Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez Plant Immunity: Differential regulation of defense-related genes in Arabidopsis thaliana via flg22- and elf18-induced immune response
3:30 Corina Sterbet Symposium Software: Designing and Implementing Features that Enhance the User Experience
3:55 Cameron Kuchta Pre-Trained Neural Networks Applied to Medical Imaging

Room 349, Sanger Science Center

Time Presenter Title
9:00 Opening Remarks by Britt Scharringhausen, Physics & Astronomy
9:05 Xi Ren Lie Groups, Ladder Operators, and the Quantum Hydrogen Atom
9:30 Samuel Langelund A sine-wave generator for introductory physics
9:55 Noel N. Jones Fluid Flows in Smart Buildings
10:35 Opening Remarks by Nahir Otaño Garcia, English
10:40 Jasper Ferehawk Japanese Cyberpunk: Intersections of Technology and Consciousness
11:05 Abby E. Segal Steampunk Children's Literature: Subverting the Aesthetic of Control
11:30 Nicholas Keller "I" and the "Eye": Autofiction, Drones, and the Ethics of Looking
1:00 Opening Remarks by Kristin Labby, Chemistry
1:05 Ashley Lambert Preventative and Rehabilitative Care in Athletics
1:30 Faith Macdonald Periodontal disease and biological sex in 6th to 19th Century Germany
1:55 Benjamin Scott Developing Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Glioblastoma
2:20 Katherine Johnson Art, Medicine, and Museums: Interdisciplinary Methods to Teach Health Professionals
3:00 Opening Remarks by Jay Zambito, Geology
3:05 Jennifer Pantelios Implications of Cambrian sandstone phosphorus runoff on eutrophic waters in Dunn County, WI
3:30 Christine Shonnard Evaluating cyclicity in floodplain deposits within the Early Paleogene Hanna Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.
3:55 Ava Krahn Modeling changes in NOâ‚‚ and the effects on the transport, oxidation, and deposition of atmospheric mercury

Wood Room, Mayer Hall

Time Presenter Title
9:00 Opening Remarks by Tamara Ketabgian, English
9:05 Astor Holenchuk Victorian Food Contamination: A Discourse Analysis
9:30 Ezekiel Polken Sewer Snakes and River Rats: A Creative Historical Project
9:55 No presentation scheduled
10:35 Opening Remarks by Ruth Vater, Institutional Research
10:40 Superior Murphy Weissberg Immigration Awareness Experience
11:05 Yizhe Li International Student Healthcare on the Beloit College Campus: A Research Report
11:30 Claire Ramos Scholarships and Study Abroad
1:00 Opening Remarks by Josh Moore, International Education
1:05 Lili Hagg The Influence of Natural and Anthropogenic Edge Effects on Mantled Howler Monkey Activity Budgets in a Fragmented Forest in Costa Rica
1:30 Courtney Collins The Waters are Murky: A Case Study on the Revitalization of Downtown Beloit, Wisconsin
1:55 Joshua Randolph Romani Identity in Popular Culture and Ethnic Violence
2:20 Natalie Wareham Making Space: Challenging Erasure of Native American Mounds at Beloit College
3:00 Opening Remarks by Alexis Grosofsky, Psychology
3:05 Alexander Villegas "Notice the Bag They're Carrying": Veteran Reintegration in a Rural Context
3:30 Linh Do Risk of a Hot Conflict in the South China Sea
3:55 MJ G. Strawbridge Gun Control Framed by Different Mediums of Media and The Effect on Public Opinion