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Sustainability Leaders

Sustainability Leaders serve on three- or four-member collaborative teams charged with completing sustainability projects that are full-time for two months in the summer or part-time for an entire academic year. Sustainability Leaders further the outcomes of Pathways to Sustainability by evaluating and/or implementing recommendations made by Sustainability Citizens, Sustainability Fellows, or previous teams of Sustainability Leaders. Each team is expected to propose effective alternatives, provide a sophisticated understanding of their costs and benefits, communicate effectively across multiple audiences, and reflect on the overall experience. Students consult regularly with their Faculty and Staff Mentors to discuss their projects, including their ethical, creative, economic, and political dimensions, as well as how others may be persuaded to pursue their recommended solution(s).

Students can use participation on a Sustainability Leader team to satisfy the college’s capstone requirement, a component of Beloit’s Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum.


Sustainability Leader Teams, 2016-17AY

Professors Rachel Bergstrom, JingJing Lou, Jim Schulte, and Leslie Williams: Ecology, Development, and Health Across the Ages through FYI, Academic year team

This sustainability leaders team will be working with the 2016 FYI Living and Learning community. In these linked FYI courses, we will be exploring ecology of the college, change over time, and the concept of health. The sustainability leaders team will help to build community among the FYIs and will identify projects started by the FYI students in the fall to expand upon in the spring semester. 


Professor Chris Fink: Sustainability Desk, Academic year team

This team will pilot a new Sustainability Page at the Beloit College Round Table to report on sustainability stories, events and projects at the College.  This new page will feature campus-generated content as well as regional and national news with sustainability themes. Students on this Leader Team will write articles, take photos, design pages and solicit material from across campus, as well as researching "Green" sections at other periodicals.


Sarah Coyer, Assistant Director of Residential Life: Assessment and Program Development of ResLife Storage and Upcycling, Summer team
This Leader Team will work directly with the Residential Life department to assess current practices and create programs to address concerns with storage spaces and the give/take process.  Campus storage is an active program, however, each year many items are abandoned by their owners, many tons of good are also left by students in various give/take locations throughout campus at the end of the year.  This team will assess our current practices, research best practices in the country, and create a better program to address these needs in future years at Beloit College.


Professor Steve Huss-Lederman: Sustainable Event Materials: Ditching Paper while Improving Participant Experience, Academic year team

Beloit College prints tens of thousands of pages each year to support campus events such as Symposium and Alumni Reunions.  This project will evaluate and implement an online solution to help eliminate printing these short-lived schedules.  The Sustainability Team will work with diverse organizations on campus to understand needs, solicit user input to the decision, and help transition events to the new system.  The goal is an improved experience while simultaneously saving printing and reducing expenses.


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