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Midwest Sustainability Conference

The Sustainability Steering Committee at Beloit College in partnership with the Upper Midwest Association of Campus Sustainability (UMACS) is pleased to host a 1.5 day long conference/retreat on March 31 - April 1, to share best practices among institutions for embedding sustainability into the curriculum, operations, and culture of our institutions and communities. 

Register for the conference HERE before MARCH 2, 2017. [Registration is now closed. Please direct inquiries to Beloit College's Sustainability Coordinator, Lindsay Chapman, at]

~~~We have a full program of excellent presentations!~~~


Friday, March 31

5pm:  Reception and networking

6pm:  Dinner and keynote speaker Brian Kermath (Sustainability Director, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) Campus sustainability under neoliberalism: constraints and prospects

Saturday, April 1

8:00am: Breakfast
8:30am: Welcome, agenda

8:45am: Presentations and discussions on Embedding Sustainability into the Curriculum

  • Florence Monsour and Mary Wright (UW River Falls): Sustainability Justice at UW River Falls, The Kinnickinnic Project  [20min.]
  • Sue Swanson and Yaffa Grossman (Beloit College): Goals and Assessment of the Pathways to Sustainability Leadership Program  [20min.]
  • Christie Manning (Macalester College): The ups and downs of Educating Sustainability Ambassadors, a program to infuse sustainability across the liberal arts curriculum  [15min.]
  • Mike Penn (UW Platteville): Visualizing the Triple Bottom Line

10:00am: Break

10:30am: Presentations and discussions on
Embedding Sustainability in
Culture (including campus & community)

  • Deborah Steinberg (Knox College): Cultivating a Sharing Campus Community  [15min.]
  • Craig Watson (Monmouth College): Monmouth College Educational Garden and Farm  [15min.]
  • Giselle Bruskewitz (Central College): Fun with Food: Planting the Seeds for a Sustainable Food System with the Next Generation  [15min.]
  • Wesley Enterline (UW-Whitewater): UW-Whitewater as a Living Laboratory - Gardens and Landscapes  [15min.]
  • Marty St. Clair (Coe College): Using the Flood: Integrating Responsible Stormwater Management  [15min.]

12:00pm: Lunch

Presentations and discussions on Embedding Sustainability into Operations

  • Lindsay Chapman (Beloit College): Changing the campus landscape through Beloit College's Sustainability Project Fund  [15min.]
  • Ian Johnson (Colorado College): Net Zero 24/7: How Colorado College's 94k Square Foot Library Became a Carbon Reduction Strategy  [15min.]
  • Jennifer Everett and Jeane Pope (DePauw University): Sustainable (Un)Building: A Deconstruction Practicum in Two Senses  [dual presentation, 25min.]
  • Steve Huss-Lederman (Beloit College): Developing a Free, Open Source Energy Dashboard for Collecting, Displaying, & Analyzing Sub-Meter Data  [15min.]
  • Discussion

3:00pm:  Tour of Beloit Powerhouse/campus sustainability features
4:00pm: Departure

Questions?  Email Beloit College's Sustainability Coordinator, Lindsay Chapman, at