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Pathways to Sustainability Leadership Program

Beloit College is strongly committed to engaging in sustainability activities through the

Pathways to Sustainability Leadership Program

Program Goals and Structure

The aims of Pathways to Sustainability Leadership include:

  1. embedding sustainability in the liberal learning of our students;
  2. preparing our graduates to exercise environmental leadership in their careers through the development of expertise and individual capacity for action around sustainability;
  3. linking learning opportunities—including those associated with campus operations, residential living, and the greater Beloit community—with the creation and implementation of solutions in pressing areas of sustainability; and
  4. through this synergy, promoting an intentional long-term approach to sustainable living more broadly and deeply among our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the larger community.

Consistent with the developmental approach taken by Beloit College’s Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum, Pathways to Sustainability Leadership seeks the intentional development of students’ capacities by establishing three tiers of increasingly sophisticated project-based student learning pathways, Sustainability Citizens, Sustainability Fellows, and Sustainability Leaders.

  1. Sustainability Citizen opportunities include courses, course modules, residential practices, and work/study opportunities that inspire students to care about sustainability and to develop the tools necessary for responsible citizenship as they assume capacity for action with respect to sustainability.
  2. The Sustainability Fellows Program gives students the opportunity to contribute their expertise to a sustainability project on campus or in the Beloit community. Fellows are full-time interns for two months during the summer.
  3. Sustainability Leaders Teams are three- or four-member collaborative teams charged with completing a sustainability project that is full-time for two months in the summer or part-time for an entire academic year. Student team members consult regularly with their Faculty and Staff Mentors to discuss their projects, including their ethical, creative, economic, and political dimensions, as well as how others may be persuaded to pursue their recommended solution(s).

Pathways to Sustainability Leadership is supported by an interdisciplinary Steering Committee; a Sustainability Coordinator, who offers expertise in sustainability and facilitates vision, planning, and ongoing support for sustainability efforts; a Hall Director, who leads sustainability education in our residential communities; and the Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund (BCRLF), also called the Sustainability Project Fund, that provides initial capital needed to implement projects that reduce the college’s environmental footprint.