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Midwest Sustainability Conference

The Sustainability Steering Committee at Beloit College in partnership with the Upper Midwest Association of Campus Sustainability (UMACS) was pleased to host a 1.5 day long conference/retreat on March 31 - April 1, 2017 to share best practices among institutions for embedding sustainability into the curriculum, operations, and culture of our institutions and communities. 


Friday, March 31

5pm:  Reception and networking

6pm:  Dinner and keynote speaker Brian Kermath (Sustainability Director, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) Campus sustainability under neoliberalism: constraints and prospects

Saturday, April 1

8:00am: Breakfast
8:30am: Welcome, agenda

8:45am: Presentations and discussions on Embedding Sustainability into the Curriculum

  • Florence Monsour and Mary Wright (UW River Falls): Sustainability Justice at UW River Falls, The Kinnickinnic Project  [20min.]
  • Sue Swanson and Yaffa Grossman (Beloit College): Goals and Assessment of the Pathways to Sustainability Leadership Program  [20min.]
  • Christie Manning (Macalester College): The ups and downs of Educating Sustainability Ambassadors, a program to infuse sustainability across the liberal arts curriculum  [15min.]
  • Mike Penn (UW Platteville): Visualizing the Triple Bottom Line

10:00am: Break

10:30am: Presentations and discussions on
Embedding Sustainability in
Culture (including campus & community)

  • Deborah Steinberg (Knox College): Cultivating a Sharing Campus Community  [15min.]
  • Craig Watson (Monmouth College): Monmouth College Educational Garden and Farm  [15min.]
  • Giselle Bruskewitz (Central College): Fun with Food: Planting the Seeds for a Sustainable Food System with the Next Generation  [15min.]
  • Wesley Enterline (UW-Whitewater): UW-Whitewater as a Living Laboratory - Gardens and Landscapes  [15min.]
  • Marty St. Clair (Coe College): Using the Flood: Integrating Responsible Stormwater Management  [15min.]

12:00pm: Lunch

Presentations and discussions on Embedding Sustainability into Operations

  • Lindsay Chapman (Beloit College): Changing the campus landscape through Beloit College's Sustainability Project Fund  [15min.]
  • Ian Johnson (Colorado College): Net Zero 24/7: How Colorado College's 94k Square Foot Library Became a Carbon Reduction Strategy  [15min.]
  • Jennifer Everett and Jeane Pope (DePauw University): Sustainable (Un)Building: A Deconstruction Practicum in Two Senses  [dual presentation, 25min.]
  • Steve Huss-Lederman (Beloit College): Developing a Free, Open Source Energy Dashboard for Collecting, Displaying, & Analyzing Sub-Meter Data  [15min.]
  • Discussion

3:00pm:  Tour of Beloit Powerhouse/campus sustainability features
4:00pm: Departure

Questions?  Email a member of Beloit College's Sustainability Steering Committee