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What is the Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund?

A financial resource for Beloit College students, staff and faculty to provide the start up costs for sustainable projects.

How do I submit a project proposal?

Send an electronic copy of your proposal to the board chair ( by the deadline.

How are projects chosen?

The projects will be evaluated based on environmental benefit, payment mechanism, sustainability, and on campus focus as outlined in the Charter. While the goal is to fund every project meeting these criteria, the BCRLF is limited by the availability of funds.

What if my project proposal was denied funding?

The Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund Board will provide all persons whose projects were denied with information regarding why the project was denied funding and, if applicable, recommendations to improve their proposals. All denied proposals can be resubmitted for future consideration.

What if I don’t have a project proposal, how else can I be involved?

All board meetings are open to the campus. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend to learn more about what is going on around campus and to provide input.

If you’re interested in being a board member, student members are elected by the Beloit Student Congress at the beginning of every academic year. Staff and faculty positions are appointed by President Scott Bierman every 2 years.