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Sustainability at Beloit College

In light of the hate crimes on campus, the Sustainability Office wants to affirm our commitment to making our office an inclusive space that all students, staff and faculty feel welcome to bring their passion and energy. We acknowledge that to achieve our mission to create a sustainable culture at Beloit everyone must first feel respected and supported on campus. This is critical to our office’s commitment to both social sustainability and environmental sustainability. Please let us know if there are ways we can better fulfill this goal of being part of a welcoming culture on campus.
Rejecting hate together,

The Office of Sustainability

Lindsay Chapman, Sustainability Coordinator,

and Student Leaders:

  • Carl-Lars Engen, ‘17
  • Clare Lanaghan, ‘19
  • Maren Schermer, ‘17
  • Miriam Wilch, ‘19
  • Skylar Miller, ‘17