Non-refundable enrollment deposit

All students who enroll in a summer block course must pay a deposit to confirm their registration. The deposit for a Summer Block or Global Experience Seminar is $300.

This helps us know that you are committed and that if a class meets its minimum enrollment requirement, we can confirm it, and the professor and students can make plans.

Registration limits

  • Students are limited to taking one 3-week or 5-week course at a time.
  • Students may take up to two 7-week courses at a time except for Summer Blocks courses, which are limited to one course at a time.
  • Students may not take two courses that have overlapping scheduled meeting times.

Withdrawal Policy

Summer Blocks

Students who withdraw from Summer Block courses four weeks before the start of classes will have their deposit reimbursed. Students who drop after the registration period ends will lose their deposit.

Summer Global Experience Seminars

Students who withdraw before March 15th will be entitled to a full refund of their deposit. Students who withdraw after those dates will be charged for their full deposit plus any non-recoverable expenses. 

Course cancellation policy

If a course has not met the minimum enrollment number four weeks before the start of the program, the college may cancel the course. If this occurs, any fees paid will be returned to the students enrolled in that particular course unless students wish to transfer into another Summer Blocks course.

In the event that courses must be cancelled due to safety concerns, students will also receive a full refund of their deposit. 

After classes begin, appropriate refunds of tuition, room and board will be made on a prorated basis following the standard refund schedule in the Beloit College Catalog.

Summer Blocks 

  • Drop in the first week of class: 80% refund
  • Drop in the second week of class: 50% refund
  • No refund after the last day of the second week.

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