Courses at Beloit

3-week block courses are available in Summer 2023. 

Summer Blocks

Block courses are 3 weeks long and carry 1.0 unit of credit. In 2023, the courses will meet exclusively online for three weeks, from Wednesday May 17 through Wednesday June 7.

Due to the compact course calendar, students need to be available for class for the majority of each weekday (8-4 pm) during the summer block session, and may only enroll in one course.

Questions about Summer Blocks can be directed to Dr. Amy Briggs, Associate Dean of Faculty and the Learning Experience, and/or course instructors (listed in the Course Descriptions below). 

Courses (all 1 unit)


The tuition for Summer Block courses during Summer 2023 is $1,800 per course. Textbooks are not included in the cost of tuition.

Financial Aid is available for students who enroll in 1.5 units or more of summer coursework (including block courses, internships, Center for Language Studies, etc).

Enroll in Beloit Blocks

Summer Blocks courses will be available in the Portal and students can register for them starting Tuesday, November 15.

No later than May 1, students must register for the course via the Portal, and this registration will only be processed once a $300 deposit has been paid.

  1. Register on the portal (current students) or a Special Student Application (others).
    • If you are a Beloit student, register for the course via the Portal.
    • Participants who are not enrolled at Beloit, including high school students and community members, must fill out a Special Student Application. More information about registering as a special student is available with the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Pay a $300 deposit to complete your registration and secure your spot.

Internship (CHNL 200), scheduled individually

Students engage in an internship or similar special project experience, under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor will oversee the development of the content and form of the academic reflection and assess your academic work. Students may earn between 0.25 and 1.0 unit of credit, depending on the number of hours at the internship or field site. More information available on the Career Works website.

Internship Workshop (CHNL 201), scheduled individually

The Internship Workshop course is designed to accompany a summer internship opportunity and give 0.5 units of credit. Students register for the course and participate asynchronously, based on the schedule of the internship. More information available on the Career Works website.


The tuition for an Internship or Internship Workshop course during Summer 2022 is $550 per course, regardless of units earned.

Financial Aid is available for students who enroll in 1.5 units or more of summer coursework.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Any summer internships registered for credit beyond 2 units of credit or beyond two for-credit experiences will be charged tuition at the regular per unit tuition rate for the academic year.

Additional Options

Center for Language Studies

CLS courses are 7 weeks long, broken up into two 1.0 unit sessions for a total of 2.0 units of credit. These courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian are intensive and students should plan on focusing exclusively on them.

Learn more about Center for Language Studies courses.

International Summer Seminars

Students can participate in a 3-week course that includes traveling to another country. Don’t just learn about the cultures and lives of others: experience it for yourself first-hand.

Learn more about International Summer Seminars

Acadeum College Consortium Courses

Beloit students have the option to take pre-approved Acadeum courses during Winter and Summer breaks and receive Beloit College credit.

Learn more about Acadeum courses.

On-Campus Housing and Meals

Students enrolled in a Beloit Block are not required to live on campus. 

To request to live on campus please complete this form by April 29, 2022. That form should have all the information you need to make an informed decision. However, please feel free to reach out to with any questions. Room assignments are pending, and space may be limited. The cost for housing for the duration of the course will be $655.62, which includes Room and Board (required) for the duration of the Block course.

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