Summer Programs

Summer Courses

Earn college credit and enjoy Beloit’s vibrant campus at its best: in the summer! 

Beloit College students climb the curving stairway near the Sanger Center for the Sciences.

Summer Blocks offer participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating topic, work closely with exceptional professors, fulfill various requirements, and earn 1 unit of college credit. During 3 weeks students and faculty engage deeply with issues in a way that is often not possible in the regular academic year when they need to balance multiple classes and commitments.

Summer Mods are held on a seven-week term and allow for students to take two courses simultaneously. Each Summer Mod is worth 1 unit of college credit. 

In the summer of 2019, Writing on Two Wheels used biking to spark writing projects. This year, a summer like no other provided ample prompts.

Writing Wherever You Are

An intensive writing course with a history of experimentation embraced the summer of 2020 and its many challenges.


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