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Rio de Janeiro

Introductory courses offer elementary communication in Brazilian Portuguese. Portuguese is the sixth most commonly spoken language in the world, with Brazil being the largest Portuguese-speaking country.

As Brazil’s economy has grown to the eighth largest in the world, its importance in business, economics, and politics makes knowledge of Portuguese a valuable career asset.

These courses will be offered via distance learning, taught by young, vibrant instructors, and will introduce students to language, culture, and the country of Brazil. Make the jump into a vibrant world of meaning, and come live passionately with us, the Brazilian way.


The courses are designed for virtual immersion using small class sizes and a multi-media platform, focused on authentic materials that bring forth fundamental contexts of real-life communication. The instructors uses a variety of platforms, independent exercises, peer interactions and personalized attention to emphasize social “togetherness” despite the online format.


PORT 100A Beginning Portuguese

PORT 107A Accelerated Beginning Portuguese (for Spanish speakers or advanced speakers of other Romance languages) 



Ligia Costa

Ligia Castro, Instructor for Portuguese. Ligia Costa is a language teacher native of Brazil with 10 years of experience, certified by Cambridge in the communicative method. She has taught in the United States and in Russia, and currently studies Linguistics at the University of São Paulo. She is an alumna of Beloit College, where, as an undergraduate, she successfully taught Portuguese to her peers in the Self-Instructional Language Option program for two years.

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