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Whether you come to study Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian, our program guarantees immersion - you will live the language as you learn it!

If you are looking for something to do over the summer that will have an impact, at CLS you can be part of a community of highly motivated individuals who come from all over the country and the world with a shared desire to master a language that is critical to U.S. national security and economic development. Our courses are open to undergraduates and graduate students, high school juniors and seniors, working professionals, and adult learners.

Building on 35 years of programming, we excel at helping students build confidence and fluency. Our students consistently report that CLS teachers are the best they have ever had. Our faculty use current and innovative pedagogical approaches to language learning and bring years of experience working with high achieving students. CLS teachers live on campus, eat with students, lead tutoring sessions, and organize cultural events where everybody comes together to have fun!

You will emerge from our program with a deep sense of accomplishment and the ability to speak with native speakers about the things that matter to you.

Whether you are starting from zero and want to get ahead and see significant progress in a short amount of time, or whether you have been studying it for a while and want to blast past that language plateau, here you will find the perfect learning environment to achieve your goals.

Why Center for Language Studies?

If you are serious about learning a language, consider one of the nation’s finest summer intensive language programs - the Center for Language Studies at Beloit College.

What you need to know:

  • Flexibility of 7 or 3.5 week sessions
  • A demanding schedule, with 22 hours of classroom instruction per week plus tutorials
  • Courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Small classes
  • Conversation tables at lunch and dinner where a relaxed atmosphere lets you put your new skills into practice
  • Comfortable housing with others studying the same language
  • A beautiful residential college setting that promotes focused study as well as opportunities for relaxation
  • A variety of well-structured cultural enrichment activities
  • A rare chance to concentrate on one thing only: the study of language

Who Can Attend?

Participants in CLS come from a variety of backgrounds and career paths, from high school juniors to college professors, from entrepreneurs to engineers, and from educators to lawyers. Some have been studying a language for a few years, while others start from scratch. Regardless of age and level, our students connect through a shared passion for learning. Within this immersion environment, students develop a strong group identity and grow their language skills together. By the conclusion of the program, students have achieved significant breakthroughs, have renewed their motivation, and have made lasting friendships and connections.

The Center for Language Studies is the perfect fit for people preparing to study or work abroad, for students looking to gain the competency necessary to pass language exams or conduct research, for professionals seeking to open new doors, and for all those who welcome the challenge of achieving fluency in a critical language.

Ideal for Teachers

CLS takes place each summer from mid-June through early August. This is an excellent opportunity for educators from K-12 and beyond to earn professional development hours. Even if you can only join us for the first 3.5 week session, by the time you leave, you will have completed nearly 100 hours of classroom work in addition to 50+ hours of outside the class work, which goes a long way towards fulfilling professional development requirements!

While CLS is a residential program, we understand that some individuals cannot put their entire life on hold for 3.5 or 7 weeks. We welcome commuters to the program and are happy to work with your schedule to ensure your success in our program. Please contact our staff if you have specific questions about commuting to our campus.

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