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Financial Aid

Announcing the John Wyatt Award! See below.

The John Wyatt Award for Language Immersion

All students enrolled in the Center for Language Studies are eligible for the John Wyatt Award, named in memory of the founder of CLS, John Wyatt (1937-2008). Once you have enrolled in your course, complete the brief application here. Awards will be based on financial need, with the maximum award being $1,000 for the full 7-week session. Recipients will be notified within a few days and must submit documentation to Beloit College by May 15th. The deadline is rolling until May 15th. 

John WyattJohn WyattDr. Wyatt served as professor of comparative literature and classics at Beloit College from 1971 to 1996, and founded the Center for Language Studies in 1982. He served as instructor and dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture from 1994 - 2004. 

Visiting Students

Below you can find information on the various federal and private loans that are available for summer language study:

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

Beloit College does not currently receive funding through the Department of Education’s Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) Program. However, if a student’s home institution has been allocated funds through the FLAS program, these funds can be used to study at the Center for Language Studies. FLAS fellowships may only be used for tuition, not for room and board.

Private/Alternative Parent or Student Loans

You may apply for a Private/Alternative Loan (e.g., Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo, Discover, CitiAssist, etc). If you currently use this type of loan during the regular school year, you should continue to use that same lender. These educational loans are the preferred loan option available to CLS students and are available through private institutions to credit-worthy students and and students who have a credit-worthy co-signer. If you need assistance determining which lender to choose, check out our FastChoice tool or contact the Financial Aid Office at 608-363-2663 or We do not require a FAFSA application to process a Private/Alternative Loan.

Consortium Agreement and Federal Aid

The college or university in which you are currently enrolled must have institutional policies or willingness to do a Consortium Agreement in order for you to be considered for the various types of federal financial aid to help with your program costs. You should first contact the financial aid office of the college or university in which you are currently enrolled to ask if an aid officer will process a loan request to cover summer language study at the Beloit College Center for Language Studies. Though it generally is within its authority to process such a request (if you are eligible), the decision to assist you in attending the CLS program depends on the policies of that office. If you do qualify for federal aid through your home institution, consider all of your options including the Federal Direct Loan program and the Parent PLUS loan.

Please feel free to contact, or the Financial Aid Office at Beloit College at 608.363.2663, with any questions you may have regarding financial aid for the CLS programs. If you are planning to obtain a loan for the Center for Language Studies summer program, we strongly encourage you to start this process as soon as possible.

Beloit Students

Below you can find information on various sources of aid available during the summer:

Can I use my Field Experience Grant?

If you have been awarded an FEG, you can use it to fund summer courses at the Center for Language Study. For details, check the Field Experience Program.

Do I qualify for financial aid over the summer?

Eligibility for summer financial aid depends on two things; how many units you take and your FAFSA eligibility. In order to be considered for federal financial aid (federal grants and loans), you must be taking 1.5 units or more (a 3.5 weeks CLS session is worth 1 unit and the 7 week program is worth 2 units). To qualify for private loans, you just need to meet the minimum requirement for your lender and pass their credit check.

If you are an international or visiting student, you may be eligible for a private loan through the bank of your choosing.

Do I qualify based on my enrollment status, what programs are available to me during the summer term?

The summer Pell Grant has returned for students who received the grant in the previous Fall and Spring terms. The amount you are eligible to receive depends on your enrollment status (full-time enrollment=full award amount, half-time enrollment=half of the award amount).

Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans are available for students who did not use any or all of their federal loan eligibility during the previous Fall and Spring terms and are enrolled in 1.5 units or more. Parent PLUS loanscan be borrowed by a parent if the parent’s loan application is approved and the student is enrolled in 1.5 units or more (parents whose summer PLUS loan application is denied should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss their options).

Private parent and student loans are available through various banks. If you will be financing your summer program through a private loan, be sure to check with your lender to see if they have an enrollment requirement. Some require you to be enrolled half-time or more (1.5 units or more) whereas some do not have an enrollment requirement.

Do I need to complete the FAFSA again?

We only need your 2017-2018 FAFSA application to see if you qualify for aid. An additional application is not needed if you already completed your application for the previous Fall and Spring terms.

I will be enrolling in a 3.5-week CLS program. Do I qualify?

If the 3.5-week CLS program is your only summer course, then you will not qualify for any federal aid programs. You are still able to borrow through a private lender if your loan application is approved and they allow for you to borrow as a “less-than half-time student.”

I will be enrolling in the 7-week CLS program. Do I qualify?

Yes, the 7-week CLS program will earn you 2 units and is considered half-time enrollment. Although your enrollment status qualifies you to receive financial aid programs, you must also be deemed eligible by your FAFSA application.

I will be enrolling in both a Beloit Block program and the 3.5-week CLS program. Do I qualify?

Yes, because each course will earn you 1 unit, you qualify to be considered for federal aid programs. You must also be eligible based on your FAFSA application.

I will be enrolling in a 1 unit summer course at Beloit College but also taking a summer course at a different institution. Do I qualify?

It depends; first, your class must be transferable to Beloit College to serve as credit towards your degree. Please check with the Registrar’s Office to see if your non-Beloit course can be accepted as transfer credit. Next, you must be enrolled in a combined 1.5 units (6 credit hours) or more for federal aid programs. As previously stated, if you are using a private loan you only need to verify the enrollment requirement with your lender.

If you are taking classes both at Beloit College and a separate institution, you must notify the Financial Aid Office of your intentions because additional paperwork is required

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