Summer Programs

Get the most out of this summer!

Center for Language Studies class walking together. Center for Language Studies class walking together.

Center for Language Studies (CLS)

Center for Language Studies (CLS) offers intensive language courses in Chinese, Japanese and Russian, at your level.  Two 3-week sessions, starting mid-June, running through early August.  4 US credits per session (1 Beloit Unit). You can study a full year’s worth of college foreign language in one summer!

Center for Collections Care (C 3 )

The Center for Collections Care (C 3 ) offers one-of-a-kind hands-on training for museum, library, archive, and conservation professionals. Beloit’s distinctive resources—two campus museums (Logan Museum of Anthropology and Wright Museum of Art ), a vibrant archive, historic costume and natural history collections— provide unparalleled opportunities to gain new skills, network with other professionals, and better prepare for advancement.

Summer Block courses

Beloit College offers Summer Block courses in a range of topics in the summer taught by Beloit College faculty. Summer Blocks are three-week intensive courses.

For undergraduate students, highly-motivated high school students, alumni, and continuing education students. Courses are worth 4 US credits.

Global Experience Seminars

Take your first step toward a lifetime of global engagement through a Global Experience Seminar: a 3-week summer course where students have the chance to study off-campus, often internationally. Courses are worth 1.5 Beloit Units.

Summer Academy

Spend two weeks with us delving into the ideas, problem solving and methods central to college at our Summer Academy. You will get to know a host of professors and students who will introduce you to a broad range of ways that academics can approach common problems. You will explore our city and region, using the tools you gain from fascinating lectures and workshops.

Ojaswi Dhakal poses in Granada

Global Experience Seminar Highlights: Granada, Spain

Ojaswi Dhakal’25 shares her experiences on a Global Experience Seminar in summer 2022. “Learning about history is helpful to learn about the present and take mindful actions


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