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At Beloit, students learn to think on their feet. Developing marketable employment skills and gaining insight into a preferred profession is part of your educational evolution. This could easily take the form of a work study position (out-of-doors, with Facilities; tutoring your peers in the Writing Center; working with web services, or alongside the cooks in the kitchen) or an internship. Or maybe you'll rack up paraprofessional experience right here on campus as a residential assistant in the residence halls, or as a program assistant in Career Services, or as a learning assistant with the Learning Enrichment and Disabilities Services Office.

Besides functioning as part of your financial aid package, work-study positions can provide valuable work history and lead to positive references down the road. The Financial Aid Office can provide more information about work study at Beloit College, and many positions are advertised around campus. Internships can often lead to great contacts and career experience, as well as offering a glimpse of what your ideal profession will actually be like.

Looking to set something up for the summer? Want to get some career counseling? Curious about how your community involvement can be integrated with your academic pursuits, or looking for a semester-long internship that complements your major? Want to find funding for an unpaid internship? Look no further than LAP-C, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center. It's one center, and three offices: Community-Based Learning, Career Services, and the Campus and Community Outreach Center. The friendly staff can help you with everything from polishing your resume to thinking critically about your volunteer experience to finding a job after graduation.